Summery Ways to Style Your Porch this Season

It doesn’t matter how large or small your porch is, it’s a space that sets the tone for the rest of your home, so you want to ensure it’s as inviting as possible. From the moment someone sees your home their eyes will be instantly drawn to your porch, as it’s the central part of your home and the often the largest feature to focus on. From brightly coloured front doors and shiny hardware to beautiful flowers to dress the area, there are so many ways you can bring a summery touch to your porch and enhance the space.

The Front Door

As mentioned above, the front door is the main attraction when it comes to the porch. For many homes, the porch is mainly made up of the front door so it’s really beneficial to spend time making sure your front door looks its best. There are a few ways in which you can enhance the front door, starting with colour. Having a bold, catchy colour works for many homes, giving it a burst of character and something to really catch the eye. You often see lots of bright blues, reds and greens gracing people’s front doors which can really make a difference to the overall look (but remember to use outdoor paint, this is essential for ensuring longevity). Similarly, adding some bold, shiny hardware can really finish the look. You can find some gorgeous door knockers and handles available online, like these, to really transform your front door and add a glamorous aesthetic. You’ll be amazed just how much switching up or adding certain features to your front door can change the look for the better.

Flowers and Plants

If there’s one thing that your home needs to ensure it looks bright and summery, it’s flowers. Flowers are perfect for completing a look whilst adding a beautiful aesthetic that will really bring your home to life. There are so many gorgeous flowers available, from climbers to shape the porch, to hanging baskets to dress the walls, so you can really work with the space you have and create a look you love. You can also look at introducing some bold plants to keep the garden flowing with your front door and porch area, from shaped bushes in stylish pots to delicate features that will simply add to the overall look.

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Stylish Accessories

For those with a little more room to work with, introducing some stylish accessories to your porch can really help make the most of the space as well as adding to the overall aesthetic. Think about the space you have and how you’d like to be able to use it, for example, adding a durable porch bench to the space could make it ideal for enjoying your front garden on a summers afternoon, or simply being of assistance when putting your shoes on. Similarly, you may find that a neat log holder for your log burner could fit neatly here, whilst adding some more character to your home. There are all sorts of accessories that you could add to really transform your porch and make it the perfect spot for summer.

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