Four Mistakes that can Make your Roofing Project Costlier

Roof installation is a big job. If you are considering this project, you want to get the best roof at the best price. Unfortunately, there are mistakes you may make if you don’t do your homework before you start the project. Roofing is costly and it can get even costlier if you make the following mistakes:

Hiring the Wrong Roofing Contractor

Hiring an inexperienced and unqualified roofer will have you paying more for the roofing project that you should have. Keep in mind that a roofer with no experience, especially on the type of roof you want to install can cause all sorts of issues. The person might not be able to install tiles properly, which can result in leaks and extensive damage. Also, they may not be able to spot damage to the roof while putting it up, resulting in ongoing water damage or mold. Therefore, it is important to take your time researching before you choose a roofer.

Not Repairing Damaged Roof Right Away

Over time, roof damage that is left unaddressed can get worse. Old shingles come loose which could start to fall off and leak. This can result in water damage and turn into structural damage to your house. After some time, you will see leaks on the walls, mold issues, and others that will affect the health of your family and hurt your pocket. The sooner you catch the damage the better. Ideally, you want a roofing contractor to perform annual inspections of your roof.

Failing to Consider Roof Removal Costs

Your roofing estimates and actual cost can greatly vary. Some unexpected problems such as water damage or charges that the contractor leaves out of the estimate should be considered. One of these charges is the cost of removing the old roof. Normally, roofers quote a price for the new roof installation without factoring in the charges to taking off the old tile. The removal cost can be a significant part of the total cost so ensure to include it in your budget.

Installing New Roof over Old Tiles

Reroofing can be an option for some homeowners; however, it is not always the best one. If the old roof is damaged or leaking, installing a new layer over it won’t fix the issue. This is because the roofer will not be able to find and patch the root cause. Also, weight is another problem. Your home was designed to support a layer of roofing and you don’t want to overload it.

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