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Talk of décor trends that are making a comeback, and you have encaustic tiles. Historic encaustic tiles were made of ceramic clay, often having as many as six colors. The pattern on the surface of original encaustic tiles came from the colors of clay, and not glaze. Today, encaustic tiles made of cement, especially Portland cement, and considerable work still goes in the making process. The trend of using encaustic tile is back in trend, and for your help, we have a guide below that may come in handy.

Options in encaustic tiles

There are two kinds of encaustic tiles in the market. The first one, as we mentioned, is made of cement. This type of encaustic tiles is also sealed, so the pattern doesn’t wear off over a period of time – the precise reason why encaustic tiles were so popular in older times. Made by hand, these tiles are crafted by hand and made with great precision to reproduce the desired patterns. If you are a fan of making the right home investments, this should be your first choice. Cement encaustic tiles are also thicker.

The second type is ceramic tile that replicates the look of encaustic tiles. If you don’t have the budget, this could be a good a good choice, but don’t expect the same kind of durability.

How are encaustic tiles made?

The word ‘encaustic’ is worth noting here, which refers to an enameling technique. Today, cement encaustic tiles are made of pigment, cement and marble dust. You can imagine the work involved, because encaustic tile takes around 5 minutes to get made by hand. These encaustic tiles have pigments that are pressed on the surface, instead of standard glazer pattern. The beauty and overall look of the pattern will not be impacted, even with years of extensive use. Many people prefer encaustic-look cement tile for beauty alone, but this is also a durable choice.

Things to understand

Note that cement tiles tend to be thicker, so you have to talk to the architect and discuss the installation process in advance. Like other cement tiles, encaustic tiles must be soaked in water too, before the installation process. Sealing is also important to ensure that the encaustic tiles look the same over the years.

Check online now to find more on encaustic tiles, and don’t forget to check the wide range of designs and patterns available in the market.

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