The Pros and Cons of Installing Gutter Guards

Cleaning leaves from gutters is one annual task most homeowners rarely anticipate. For Portland homeowners with luxurious evergreen trees, gutter cleaning becomes a year-round job, since needles fall from the trees on an ongoing basis. Gutters collect gunk and debris that mixes with the composite shingles from the roof, dirt, twigs, and branches that fall inside with it. Over time, this build-up affects water drainage from the gutters if not properly cleaned.

Gutter guards offer a solution for homeowners who hate the idea of cleaning gutters often or for those who want to reduce the frequency of cleaning. When correctly installed, gutter guards significantly minimize debris collection. But they’re not without disadvantages. Should Portland gutter guards be among the next home improvement projects at your property? Learning the pros and cons of gutter guards reveals the answer.

Pros: Gutter Guards Installation

Versatility: At least five types of rain gutter guards protect gutters on a home. With so many choices, every Portland homeowner has something that meets their needs and fits well within their budget.

Less Maintenance: Gutter guard protection reduces debris accumulation inside of the gutters, reducing the frequency of cleanings.

Prevent Damage: Gutter guards in Portland protect gutters from water drainage damage. Water drainage issues occur due to clogged gutters. Without proper maintenance, the drainage issues cause leaks and foundation trouble.

Save Money: Since debris cannot accumulate inside of gutters protected by gutter guards as significantly as unprotected gutters and less maintenance is needed, Portland homeowners save money. On average, gutter cleaning costs a couple of hundred bucks two-four times per year.

Gutter Guards Disadvantages

No perfect product exists, so it’s only expected that some of the features of gutter guards won’t exactly make you happy. Fortunately, disadvantages are minimal, and most homeowners agree the benefits far outweigh any downsides.

Costs: Gutter guards cost Portland homeowners an average price of $4 – $7 per linear foot. The average gutter system measures 200-foot, equaling a cost of $800 – $1,400 for installation. This cost is significant for some homeowners.

Gutter Guard Failure: The truth is, no gutter available today completely protects the gutters. Some debris will accumulate inside of the gutter, even with a gutter guard in place, over time. Improperly installed gutter guards, DIY gutter guards, and low-quality gutter guards may also fail over time or improperly protect

Our gutter company installs gutter guards. Call us to learn more about gutter guards or to request your free, no-obligation gutter guards estimate. We also offer gutter installation in Portland, gutter cleaning, and gutter repair service.

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