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Office Design for Productivity

Modern corporate office design should be planned carefully into the working environment of the office to promote productivity instead of just being aesthetically pleasing or keeping up with design trends such as being minimalistic or having an open space concept. In this article, we will cover three ways to improve offices with the main objectives of increasing productivity and impacting the occupants to be efficient when they work in these environments.

  1. The Office Design and Layout Impacts Employees

An office design layout should not just be aesthetically pleasing or keeping up with trends such as minimalistic or open space concepts. It has to be carefully planned as the job scope and daily operations of the working environment can affect employees negatively. The personalities and job scope of the employees should be taken into consideration as these have several impacts on them. These impacts can lower employees’ productivity and satisfaction levels which may result in more stress and reduced energy levels. Everything is related and relative; hence, a company may even expect more absenteeism such as employees applying for sick leave. Depending on the nature of work and environment, having an open working space concept may affect concentration levels or create a lack of privacy. If this is the case, careful consideration should go into meeting or individual spaces to allow some form of recuperation or privacy to take place.

  1. Lighting is Key

Good lighting is a key consideration in modern office design as it allows people to work in a well-lit environment. Good lighting should not just be bright but optimal for employees to carry out their jobs. If the lightning is not, it could affect many things such as employees straining their eyes, headaches from glares and irritation from overexposure. A good way to create optimal lightning is to allow natural light to enter the office space through a window. If this is not possible, then you can consider installing adjustable lightning to cater to different areas of the office.

  1. Effective Office Space Management

The amount of space is important in a modern office to prevent it from appearing too congested or empty. Artwork, potted plants, and furniture can help create a professional feel for clients or employees. However, an office should not be filled with them as it can appear to be tacky or change the feel of the office. On the contrary, it should not be too empty as this is not an effective use of space and money. The amount of space that you do not use effectively becomes a liability as the rent of the office space is dependent on the size.

In conclusion, these three factors can affect the entire office mood and productivity. It is important to discuss with both superiors and employees on the working space if you are moving or attempting to change the office design. Through feedback, you will be able to make an inform decision and help designers create an office design that benefits everyone in the company.

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