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How To Choose The Right Colour And Design For Your Blinds?

Choosing the right furnishings and decorations for your home can be a stressful process. This is true too for your window blinds. For many people, trying to find the right set of blinds that fits their house’s interior design while also providing a wow factor turns out to be a near impossible task. With so many factors involved, it pays to take a systematic approach. As such, in this article, we aim to inform you of the key factors to consider when choosing the colour of your window blinds.

The Basics Of Colour Theory

Firstly, since we are dealing with colour here, it helps to cover basic colour theory. Choosing colours that are one or two shades away from the frame of your window would be a good start. Equally good would be to pick directly contrasting colours. Neutral colours such as white and off-white will likely fit any frame, thus making them safe choices.

If you are considering getting roman, venetian or honeycomber binds, then more colours and patterns can be chosen. This is because these types of binds are often centre piece attractions in a room, and thus can afford to be louder in nature.

Perceived Size Of The Room Will Be Affected

The colour of your blinds can affect how large your room is perceived by visitors. Darker blinds tend to have a less spacious effect as the room seemingly shrinks. This is largely due to having less light within the space since dark materials absorb light better. Additionally, a gloomier by possibly also more cozy effect is generated with dark blinds.

Conversely, light blinds give a more cheerful and light feel while making your room feel larger. Light colours bounce light off, thus illuminating more areas of your room.

Regularity Of Cleaning Required Is Affected By Colour

Dark coloured blinds require more frequent dusting and vacuuming as dust is more visible on them. A brush vacuum attachment can be of great help here in dusting down the blinds without having to detach them.

If you are not keen on weekly vacuuming of your blinds, then choosing lighter colours would give you an easier on the eye appearance.

You Don’t Need To Have The Same Colour For All Blinds In Your House

There is no hard and fast rule that tells us that a house must use the exact same blinds colours. Depending on your priorities, you may want to match the blinds colours to the frame, match it to the room’s ambiance or even go for a “pop” within the room. However, you should consider the “curb side view”, which refers to how people on the outside see your home. If you use too many blinds colours that are contrasting to each other, you may end up with a haphazard external appearance.

Ready To Purchase Your Blinds?

Having gone through the main factors of colours in blinds, you may be ready to choose the right set for your home. If so, visit a Blinds supplier Singapore shop today!

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