Why A Zero Turn Mower Is A Good Choice For You

Zero-turn lawn mowers are becoming very popular when it comes to personal lawn care and there are a lot of reasons why so many homeowners are choosing them over other options. Instead of having a steering wheel like traditions ride on lawn mowers, it is operating with two levers for steering. This type of lawnmower is a considerable investment and it might not be the best choice for your needs if you have a small yard. It can certainly be worth the cost if you have a lot of property that you are responsible for mowing. It is suggested that you purchase some type of riding mower if you have more than an acre of land. Here are just a few of the reasons why zero turn mowers are becoming so popular.

They Save Time

One of the biggest benefits that these types of mowers have is that they are able to save a lot of time when compared to a push mower or traditional lawnmower. If you have a bigger lot or just one to make mowing your medium-sized one really quick, a zero turn lawn mower could be the best choice for you. Being able to get the whole process done quickly from start to finish is one of the biggest perks that homeowners associate with these mowers. According to one owner, he was able to cut the time he spent mowing his lawn down by around 70% by switching to a zero-turn.

They’re Easy To Handle

The fact that they are so easy to handle is the main reason why they are able to save people so much time when it comes to mowing their lawn. Zero-turn lawn mowers are very easy to maneuver compared to traditional riding mowers and this saves time by cutting back how much weed eating and other detailing is needed as would be able to cut around things like flower beds and other details. Something that does need to be noted is that you need to be conscious of the size of the cutting deck as it can be difficult to get around these obstacles if they are too close together and a smaller deck will not save as much time.

They Can Be More Fun To Ride

Mowing with a zero turn is still yard work, but it can be a bit more enjoyable since they are so maneuverable and can get the job done fast. It’s important to note that there is usually a learning curve involved when you start riding a zero-turn, but it’s one that usually doesn’t last that long once you start to understand how the controls on the machine work. It’s important to note that mowers of this class with smaller decks tend to have a more bumpy ride than their wider deck counterparts.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s important to learn how to use your zero turn properly to have the best results on your lawn as well as a more comfortable ride. It does take some practice, but this is to be expected for any large lawn equipment that you have not worked with before. Once you get these methods all down, you are less likely to get your mower stuck in a soft spot or causing divets when you are trying to turn in an improper way. Just a little bit of practice is going to be saving you a lot of time as you continue taking care of your property.

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