Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning

There are two ways you can clean your carpet. You can steam clean it which is the way we have done it for a long time, or you can try the new version which is Chem-Dry carpet cleaning.

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Chem-Dry uses less water than the traditional steam cleaning version of carpet cleaning. Chem-Dry uses a solution of chemicals and the carbonating action is what removes the dirt that is deep inside the carpet fibers. A lot of companies use green and natural solutions so it will not harm anybody that is living in the household as soap and detergents can. Chem-Dry gets deep inside the carpet’s fibers and removes not only dirt, but also allergens, any fleas, ticks, and dust that may be hiding in the carpet. It also removes any airborne bacteria that may be present in the home making it a healthier place to live.

Both steam cleaning and Chem-Dry lehi utah carpet cleaning have advantages and disadvantages. When you use steam cleaning you are using a lot of water. Basically the carpet cleaning machine is using hot water and a detergent to remove the dirt, dust, and allergens from the carpet. In this case, you are using a detergent as well when you steam clean your carpet. This method since it uses a lot of water, once the cleaning is done the carpet and padding are quite wet. This means that it will take quite a long time for the carpet to dry. While your carpet is drying you have to stay out of the home as you cannot walk in it. This could cause a great inconvenience for you to have to stay out of the home while the carpet is drying. Since steam cleaning does use detergent there could be spots left behind by excessive soap residue. These spots would stay on the carpet. The advantage of steam cleaning a carpet is that it does remove mildew spores and mold. However, this only occurs if the carpet is allowed to dry effectively before use which would take hours.

The newer version of cleaning your carpet is by using a method called Chem-Dry carpet cleaning. This method uses chemicals to clean the carpet. These chemicals are not harmful if the company you are using to clean your carpet uses green and natural chemicals. Very little water is used with this method. The chemicals release millions of microscopic bubbles that will release the dirt and grime from the carpet fibers. The dirt and grime will them move to the surface where they are either swept away or vacuumed away. Since the chemicals used in the Chem-Dry method are green and natural they are not harmful to the residents and are hypoallergenic. Steam cleaning your carpet uses soaps and detergents which leave a sticky residue on the carpet. As a result of this dirt and dust are attracted back into the carpet very quickly. Chem-Dry does not leave behind any residue on the carpet. Chem-Dry also removes any urine stains and odors that might be in your carpet that was left behind by a pet. It breaks down the urine crystals and completely removes them. It does not just mask the odor but they are completely gone.

The biggest advantage of using the Chem-Dry method is that this process does not use a lot of water. Whereas with steam cleaning a lot of water is put into your carpet and then sucked back up leaving a lot of water still left in the carpet. This method takes days to really fully dry. Chem-Dry only takes one to two hours for the carpet to fully dry and ready for use.

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