Tips For Choosing A Suitable Spray Foam Roofing Insulation Equipment

As people advocate for more energy-conscious solutions, it’s vital to use high-quality, efficient mechanical spraying equipment for insulation. Unlike traditional insulation, this equipment has made construction more effective and easier. It can also help you meet your tighter project schedules, attend to more construction projects, and do meticulous work.

But with the increase of spray foam equipment on the rise, selecting the right one for your application needs can be quite difficult. If you’re still undecided on which one to use, read on to know how to select the most suitable spray foam roofing insulation equipment.

  1. Understand Your Projects

One of the first things you want to do before considering buying SPF equipment is determining the type of projects you want to accomplish. If your focus is on commercial roofing, you’ll need a powerful machine to apply roof coating and spray foam materials at higher volumes.

This machine will ensure that the roofs have excellent insulation that can withstand extreme weather changes. They’ll also produce weather-proofing layers that are resistant to high winds.

On the other hand, if you mostly perform residential work, you’ll require closed-cell and open-cell foam machines. Closed-cell foam equipment will add strength to wood frames, waterproof them against elements, and inhibit pests from invading homes.

  1. Rig Type

Spray foam rigs are vital because they’ll ensure that your takedown and setup are more convenient. Apart from that, they’ll also help you accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently. That’s why you want to pick the correct one for your business.

There are three main types that you can choose including:

  • Mini Trailer

It’s a small moveable trailer designed for small-scale applications. You can use it to start projects, though it works best by supplementing existing rigs.

  • Towable Trailer

Most contractors like this trailer because it comes in different sizes. It can enable you to switch vehicles without interrupting your business if one of them breaks down because trucks tow it.

  • Box Truck

This is an excellent spray foam equipment that’s got maximum space and power. Its storage and vehicle component is joined into one unit, making it a great fit for high-volume, full-time SPF projects.

  1. Availability Of Parts

Like any other mechanical equipment, SPF machines may break down at some point and require maintenance or repairs. You want to buy your equipment from reputable manufacturing companies that also sell parts. You don’t want to have equipment that’s broken and can’t be replaced because it’ll strain your business and stress you.

Experts recommend that you buy spray foam machines that use OEM parts. The more options for replacements it has, the easier it will be to maintain and repair. Also, if you’re working on projects that need many touch-ups, you may have to purchase equipment with both high-spraying output and low-spraying output. Most of these kits can be found at online shops.

The Bottom Line

A spraying foam equipment can make or break your business. Before purchasing one, it’s vital to confirm if the machine will serve your needs. Following these tips can help you buy the most appropriate spraying foam insulation equipment.

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