Metal Deer Fence: A Most Effective Solution To Keep Deer Away And Protect Your Garden

There is no denying the fact that Deer is the most adorable creature. But on the flip side of the coin, we also know that they are capable of creating a disastrous situation for your little adorable garden plants too. You grow it, and they would want to eat it. The damage could be menacing, and all your plants, fruits vegetables will be gone in just a few minutes. By going through stats, a deer herd can eat approximately 7-10 pounds of plants in your garden.

Several options are available in the market, like touch and taste repellants to keep deer away from your garden. But that is not efficient relatively to a fence. If you truly want to protect your plans, it’s time you consider an effective deer fence. Not only a fence will safeguard your garden from deer, but it will also keep rabbits and groundhogs away.

Factors to consider before installing a deer-proof fence

  • If you studied class8th EVS, you would know deer are great jumpers. They are capable of jumping 8feet into the air. Thus, the primary factor to consider before installing any deer barrier is the height of the fence. A fence about 8m and a little slanted outward at a 45 degrees angle is considered appropriate. This prevents deer from reaching a food source inside the garden because of the excessive height over a distance.
  • Another crucial thing to know is that Deer has poor eyesight and perception. So, choose a black fence. Black is an unnoticeable colour for a deer, and when a nearly invisible deer fence is installed at a height, a deer cannot differentiate where the fence ends, and the sky begins. Thus, it would not try to jump high and would rather find food somewhere else than damage its leg.
  • A strong, potent and durable mesh setting fence will also be a good option to consider as they blend and are nearly invisible for deer. Plus, mesh fencing is slightly cheaper than the metal deer fence. In case you are looking for a more affordable option, choosing a top-notch quality mesh barrier can also keep your garden safe.

A fence fitted appropriately can withstand storms and bad weather as well. So, invest in a high-quality material to keep it working for the long run. Any reliable Deer fencing services will install fences quickly.

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