Do You Know Why Log Homes Can Be a Better Option Than Conventional Homes?

Nowadays, many people are taking more interest to build their log home instead of building home with conventional construction methods.

Before we mention about many advantages of such log home, you may visit the website https://frontierloghomes.com, who can offer you the services to build a log home for you.

Following are few reasons why log homes are becoming much popular:

  • Trees are natural renewable resource

All the logs and timbers used are derived from trees, which are renewable source, which can certainly offer a rustic ambience and can easily connect you to Mother Nature.

  • Long lasting

You can find homes made out timber and logs that was built in Europe about 800 years back which is still existing. A church in Russia was built 1,700 years ago with log that still exits.

  • Can withstand wrath of mother nature

During the occurrence of Rita, Katrina and Hurricane that occurred in 2005, all the solid log/timber homes survived.

  • Fit the land

All log homes can naturally get integrated with the landscape, and they are never awkwardly imposed on the ground that we generally do on case of conventional homes.

  • Fast framing

By choosing precut or pre-drilled log system, the shell of the home can easily be framed on the site, much faster than any conventional stick framing.

  • Warmth of wood

Wood has “thermal mass,” which is a natural property present in the logs which will help keep inside temperature of all homes comfortable during all season.

  • Super energy efficient

If the log home is properly sealed then surely you will get a super energy-efficient home, that cannot be created in any conventional home.

  • Rustic doesn’t mean that it is not high tech

You can find many of the timber homeowners have installed backup generators, security system and also CAT-5 wiring system, which can accommodate high-speed video, data and voice, and also host of new technologies available today.

  • Your eyes have it

In case you are concerned about seeing mold, mildew or any insect infestation, then your log/timber home will offer clear advantage.

  • Superior craftsmanship

You can surely find in conventional custom homes, many examples of beautiful carpentry skills, but in log/timber homes, you can find examples of super-fine craftsmanship at almost every turn.

  • Peace and quiet

Any log homes will be far quieter than any stick-built homes, as the sound-deadening effects can be found on wooden walls.

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