Top 6 modern wooden bed designs

Nothing gives more peace than lying on your bed after a tiring day. It not just relaxes your body but also calms the mind of all the stress you have been through. Your bed is also the focal point of your bedroom when you guest in your house, or your kids want to bring their friends home. Naturally, it should be the best of the lot, not only in comfort but also in style alike.

Often it is misconceived that if you need a comfortable bed, you have to compromise with its style and designs. Well, it is not true. You can easily get a bed that is high on its design and style along with being comfortable.

Though beds are made of both wood and wrought iron, wood is the most preferred material since ages as it is sturdy, durable and rust-free along with being elegant and beautiful. Moreover, you can easily explore with different styles and designs in wooden beds. So, if you are planning to buy a designer bed for your bedroom, the following wooden bed designs can help you do so.

  1. Storage beds

One of the most common designs, storage beds have built-in cabinets underneath them where you can store your extra bedding, luggage or any other unused items. These storage beds may or may not have footboards but usually have a headboard that makes it look elegant and regal in a bedroom. Storage beds can be in the form of concealed cabinets below the mattress or as drawers underneath that can be pulled and pushed like a conventional wardrobe drawer.

  1. Hydraulic beds

These kind of beds are increasingly becoming popular due to its convenience and ease of operation. Hydraulic beds are storage beds with a hydraulic suspension which makes it easier for you to access the storage cabinets without many efforts. Hydraulic beds works on a gas lift mechanism due to which this wooden bed’s price is higher than other storage beds.

  1. Beds with broad headboard

Broad headboards are usually used for a king size and queen size beds in a spacious room. The headboard has different patterns and designs depending upon your choice and the aesthetics of the bedroom. There are many different patterns for beds with headboards. It could have storage cabinet at each ends, with an open space to store books and showpieces, or it could have a wood board with carvings, and broad patterns jutted on them. Often broad headboards are also cushioned with leather to give a comfy feel when you sit upright at the edge of the bed. The headboard’s height depends upon the height of the room and also on the available space.

  1. Wall-mounted bed

Wall mounted beds are best for small houses where space is the biggest issue. These wall-mounted beds provide the same comfort and style as a normal bed but come with an additional benefit of being mounted back on the wall to save space. When you open it, it works like a folding bed, and when you fold it back, it looks like a plain wardrobe.

  1. Trundle bed

Trundle beds are best when you want to keep your bedroom uncluttered with less furniture or do not have enough space to place three beds in your house. It is an easy solution for house- space crunch as trundle beds are three- in -one beds all packed into one. Stylish as it looks, in trundle beds, you can pull out the drawers underneath the main single bed, place a mattress on them and use it as individual beds at night. In the morning, when you wake up, push the beds back, and it is just a wooden single bed.

  1. Rustic wooden bed

Amidst all the modern wood bed designs, a rustic bed with old designs and patterns has its charm and beauty. Such beds have patterned headboard and footboard with walnut or darker shades or wood finish. With a few inches of space underneath, it is easy to clean and maintain.

While wooden bed designs fit in almost every house, there are some things that you should consider while buying a bed for your home. For example, when you purchase a bed, try to coordinate it with the pattern and style of your wardrobe and other furniture of the bedroom. If your wardrobe has a rustic, shaded wood finish, a rustic wood design bed will look better. However, if your wardrobe and dressing table has a modern touch with a polished and smooth finish and fancy knobs, a bed with hydraulic storage and a tall headboard would complement the same completing the overall look of the bedroom.

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