Do You Know What A Top Dresser Really Is?

For any home, lawn is one important part of the landscape of the property and it is essential that it must have the best look, otherwise it will be a source of frustration. Nobody will like to see uneven surfaces, poor soil and bald patches on the lawn.

By using top dressing lawn equipment, you can apply a thin nutrient-rich soil layer to the existing grass surface. With this technique, you can solve many common problems, and one can do it easily on your own and you need not invest on any expensive tools.

What any heavy-duty top-dressers will do?

By using a top-dressing spreader for applying compost or any other soil amendments for your grass, you will be able to accomplish a number of objectives for your lawn:

  • You can improve soil biology by adding beneficial micro-organisms that are present in the compost.
  • You can improve the drainage by spreading sand or other materials properly, which can alter the drainage system of your yard.
  • You can smooth out bumps and lumps in your lawn, mostly caused by various worm castings.
  • You can keep the thatch under control.
  • You can reduce stress on the lawn.
  • It will serve as a relatively long-term fertilization agent.
  • It will promote development of full, lush and healthy lawn.

Few useful top-dressing techniques

If you are yet to make any attempt to use any top-dressing machine for your lawn, then there are few handy techniques and tips that can help you to maximize your effort that you will put into the making of your lawn healthier as well as more attractive:

  • You will only use compost that is fully de-composed, which has dark, rich appearance in it
  • You can avoid using fillers like loam and sawdust, as they do not do anything for the soil content.
  • While you are using your lawn amendment, always make sure that you use even distribution with the heavy-duty spreader
  • It will always be a much better idea if you perform top-dressing absolutely in tandem with all other beneficial practices of lawn care, such as aerating, seeding, and de-thatching
  • In case, there is no possibility of rain as per the weather forecast report, then you must water the lawn after doing top-dressing to ensure that your compost seeps properly into the soil
  • You must address top-dressing every year, or as often as your lawn will need little more boosting in order to stay healthy and vibrant.

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