How to Improve Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

Your home is your castle, and while it may be perfect in your eyes, other people may not see it the same way. So, when it comes to selling the place, it simply may not attract people and grab their attention like you hope. However, there are ways you can boost your home’s kerb appeal and make it more likely to grab attention.

Paint your front door

It may sound simple, but an old front door with peeling paint will instantly make your home look poorly maintained and unloved. Spend an afternoon painting the front door, or splash out and replace it, for an instant lift.

Replace your fencing

Front yards with broken fence panels or peeling paint will again turn buyers off. They may wonder, if the fence needs fixing, what else is wrong with the house? It’s worth buying some hardwood Brisbane and getting to work making any necessary repairs. Or you could replace the whole thing and instantly neaten your front yard.

Make the entrance look welcoming

There are a number of ways you can make your garden look more welcoming.

  • Plant flowers – this will make the home look loved
  • Clear the path to the front door
  • Clean your driveway, or consider having it repaved, so when people pull up they feel at home
  • Make sure the house number is clearly displayed. Nothing is worse than driving around looking for a house when you have a viewing

Just a few short steps can make a big difference to the way your house feels to potential buyers, and can make the difference between your house being on the market for months or it being snapped up.

Add some parking

In many areas of Australia, parking is in short supply, especially if you live in a commuter suburb or near a CBD. Even if parking on your road is plentiful, it’s worth considering adding a driveway, as this can add value to your home.

Kerb appeal can help you sell your home faster and it means that when people who drive past see your ‘for sale’ sign, they are instantly curious. However, it doesn’t take much to achieve kerb appeal, usually just some tidying and DIY jobs will do, or you could invest in some new features for your home if you want to sell it quickly. If you’re planning to put your house on the market at any time in the future, make sure you work on its kerb appeal.

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