Can You See Who’s at Your Front Door?

Your front door security is such an important part of your overall home security solutions is vital, yet it often one of the last aspects of home security that is looked at in any great detail. As a homeowner, or as a responsible tenant with a long-term lease, it is important that you do look at all different aspects of your home security, and come up with solutions that fit the specific needs of your home, the layout of your home, and the budget that you are working with. Your front door security should be your first port of call, as this is the main entry point, and the first part of the home that any potential criminal will target.

Of course, front door security isn’t solely concerned with preventing burglars or alerting you to an attempted break-in, there are also plenty of other benefits to having smart front door security, especially if you purchase and install a smart video doorbell, for instance.

A smart video doorbell drastically changes the way in which you can protect your home. They are lightweight and very easy to install and look a similar shape and size to regular doorbells, so not an eyesore in anyway, or cumbersome to install or to move at a later date. This is important to many people, as though home security is an integral aspect of their home life it is also important that the doorbell, or any other home security products, are not so bulky and obvious that they are detrimental to the aesthetic of the property as a whole.

The main advantage to the modern doorbell cameras is that they are easy to manage direct from a smartphone app. All you have to do is connect the smart video doorbell to your Wi-Fi network and your phone will connect to it. What this allows you to do is to keep tabs on your front door at all times.

This works in several ways. The first is that you have access to a live HD-quality video stream of your front door whenever you wish. Second, you can record or set up alerts to let you know what is happening at specific times at your home. This is perfect if you have heard a loud noise coming from outside when you are in bed asleep at night and want to just quickly check on the footage of your front door to see if there is someone there. It is also ideal for times when you are away from home, whether at work for the day, or on a long holiday, keeping an eye on things back home gives great peace of mind.

Last, a smart video doorbell is a fantastic way to keep track of any planned deliveries that you are expecting, whether you have a friend or family member waiting in for the delivery person or not. If you’ve been left a note to say ‘You Weren’t Home’ from a courier and you wish to dispute it, your doorbell camera allows you to see exactly what happened.

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