Decorate Your Home with Indoor Plants to Bring A Bit of Outdoors into Your Living Space

Plants are a great idea to enhance the interior of your residence. Apart from freshening up the room, they boost air quality and reduce stress. Even if you are residing in a crowded space, if you pitch in a little bit of imagination, you’d be able to find many places tor houseplants – on the bookshelf, on top of refrigerator or bathroom corner.

The best part about indoor plants is they are easy to maintain. Its requirements are very less. The plants need sufficient amount of water, potting soil, light and plant food. If you are looking for ideas for indoor plants for Minneapolis home, visit the website of Sunnyside Gardens. Browse through their database of over 300 plants and get ideas to decorate your space.

Common questions that arise before you purchase houseplants:

How much light do houseplants require?

Cacti and succulents need daily sunlight. The other plants with foliage require about 8 hours of sunlight. The amount of light differs according to the plant chosen. You can look up online for specific plants.

Which houseplants survive in low light conditions?

The following plants are ideal to be placed on rooms with dim light.

  • Philodendron: It hardly attracts pests and adapts to various environments.
  • Pothos or Devil’s Ivy: It has vibrant leaves and survive in both bright and low light
  • Dracaena: This popular indoor has long green leaves and may require pruning once in awhile.
  • Peace Lily: It thrives well in moist soil (not overwatered) and bears flowers when placed in a dark room.

Which plants requires lowest maintenance?

  • Dracaena
  • Hedera Helix
  • Sansevieria Zeylanica Superba
  • Scindapsus

How to maintain indoor plants?

The potting soil must be moist. It should be neither too dry nor too wet. The plant pot needs to have drainage holes. Place them near a light source be it natural or artificial. Find out the species of your plant so that you can take care of it better. The reasons indoor plants die is due to overwatering, under watering, being exposed to high or low light levels or neglecting it.

If your space doesn’t have much light, you have to choose a plant accordingly. Go up a notch and mix up the container’s sizes, material and colour like copper pots, lined wicker-style pots or ceramic glazed pots. You have a vast selection of indoor plants available. Choose one that reflects your style.

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