Bed Bugs – Identify and Get Rid of Them Permanently

Bedbugs are small, flat, oval in shape, and are about 5-7mm in length. They feed on humans and other warm-blooded animals. Before feeding they are more of brown colour, but after feeding, they become more of red colour, puffy, and elongated. They have antennas and six legs but do not have wings to fly.

Beds are the common hiding place, but they also hide in cracks of furniture, textiles and cracks walls. They can hide themselves during the day and become active during the night feed on you while you are defenceless. They bite the exposed areas like the face, neck, and hands, but they won’t be painful. You may notice a small reddish bump on the skin.

If you find a large number of bedbugs and struggling to control them, contact pest control Manchester who can provide you with effective, yet long-term solutions with B.P.C.A Standards. Their experienced, trained professionals take care of any kind of pest problems and make sure that you and your property is well protected.

How Bedbugs Impact Your Home?

Though these bugs do not spread any disease, no one will love to live with them. Bugs soil the bedding, furniture, textiles, and make your home less attractive to live in. If failed to notice and take control measures, then you will have to spend a lot, often to control them.

Moreover, these small pests can indirectly affect the value of your property. When you want to sell your property, the signs of bedbugs will dip the value of it and the buyer may not have the interest to buy it. So, it becomes necessary to detect pest problems to protect your property’s value and to keep your family members, workers or tenants, happy.

Here are some simple steps to prevent infestation.

Seal The Cracks

As buildings age, they may develop cracks and crevices. It is easy for these tiny creatures to hide in these crevices. It is best to seal the cracks both interior and exterior as and when you spot them.

Use Outlet Plugs

Electric outlets are a great place for bedbugs to hide and travel to other places around your house. To prevent the spread, use plugs on all outlets.

Public Laundry Service

Another main place for bedbugs to spread is the public laundry service. Though hot water and air can kill the bugs, the tables and bins pave way for the infestation. It may happen when people who have bedbugs, carry them along with them when they use the laundry room.

They will be placing their laundry bin on the table to organize things and these bugs can latch onto the clothes, linens and easily get into another person’s laundry unit and to wherever these are taken. Hence the spread is done so easily.

By using sealable bags and avoiding using the communal table the spread can be minimized.

How to Identify?

You can easily spot the faecal spots that are reddish-brown if there is an infestation. You can also check for moult skins, empty shells, eggs, or even bugs. Bites on arms, legs, neck are also a sign.

As soon as you are sure about the infestation seek the help of licensed pest control professionals to address the issue.

If you have found rotten wood in your home or wood that seems spongy or brittle, you may need an extermination companies for termites in Reisterstown Maryland. Termites can quickly damage the structure of a home as they never stop eating or multiplying.

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