Bamboo Furniture for Modern Apartments

The popularity of bamboo furniture dates back to the nineteenth century. Today, with the advancements in the manufacturing process, eco-friendly material has become more versatile in interior designing. Bamboo panels made of bamboo plywood can work in all aspects of a home or a commercial space as sustainable furniture and decorative pieces.

Why Choose Bamboo Furniture?

Bamboo furniture is an eco-friendly choice for many homeowners who are concerned about the safety of their families and the planet. It is also more visually appealing than most other types of materials. Being a rapidly renewing material, bamboo is a sustainable resource for designers. Whether designing for a luxurious house or a small apartment, here are some innovative ideas the homeowners and designers can consider.

Bamboo Furniture Ideas:

  1. Bathroom Vanities: Slim plywood of bamboo can work as a veneer for bathroom vanities. Apart from looking beautiful, the moisture-resistant nature of bamboo makes it perfect for the humid environment within a bathroom. One can use a VOC-heavy sealant to enhance its longevity.
  2. Custom Furniture: Bamboo has a texture of clean lines that look wonderful in custom furniture. As the plywood of bamboo is naturally smooth, it requires less finishing than most other plywood require. The other advantages of the material are long-life and scratch-resistance.
  3. Shoe Racks: To create a modern shoe rack, one can consider using plywood or bamboo. As bamboo is a lightweight material, the furniture is easy to shift from one place to another. Apart from adding style to the furniture, the material ensures long life and less maintenance.
  4. Coffered Ceiling: Anyone who wants to add a touch of elegance or luxury to a living room can consider using a coffered ceiling. The plywood of bamboo is so light in weight that it fits as the material. The contemporary coffered ceilings with exposed beams make a great choice for many homeowners nowadays.
  5. Kitchen Cabinets: A modular kitchen has become an integral part of modern apartments. In modular kitchens, cabinets are one of the more essential features. Bamboo makes an excellent material to use for custom cabinetry instead of conventional wood.
  6. Wall Coverings: To add a more furnished look to an apartment, many designers recommend wall coverings. The plywood of bamboo can be chosen for the method of covering walls while maintaining a polished look. The material has a natural line that one can choose to place either vertically or horizontally, depending upon the size and design of the room.


Whether one chooses to decorate the living space with a contemporary theme or traditional, bamboo can be used in multiple ways. There are hundreds of other ways of using bamboo plywood for home furniture. Bamboo, being a lightweight and highly durable material, saves homeowners from maintenance hassles. Also, bamboo is a common choice for people who prefer eco-friendly materials for home furniture and decorative items. Some designer living spaces come with bamboo staircases and doors that look marvelous. However, low-quality bamboo can shrink greater as compared to other types of materials. Hence, it is essential to know the quality of bamboo panels and plywood before implementing the designs.

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