5 Tips for an Efficient Move

Moving to a new location is exciting, but the process itself can be extremely stressful. Hiring St. Petersburg FL piano movers to handle the big stuff can help to ease the burden, but you’ll still likely have to handle a lot of the packing yourself, or with the help of friends.

As with most endeavors in life, there is an easy way to accomplish moving and a hard way. Your move will be much smoother and more efficient if you choose the easy way.

1. Leave Clothes in Dresser Drawers

There is actually no need to pack your clothes away in boxes to transport them, only to unpack them and put them back in the drawers when you arrive to your new location. Here is what to do instead:

  • Remove the drawers so that the dresser will not be too heavy
  • Move the dresser onto the truck
  • Replace the drawers into the dresser
  • Unload the drawers first when you arrive at your new location
  • Unload the dresser and replace the drawers

That may sound like a complicated process, but it’s actually much more efficient than packing and unpacking your clothes.

2. Put Big Stuff in Small Boxes, and Vice Versa

You do not want a large box full of big items because it could become too heavy to lift. Rather, load up big boxes with lightweight stuff like towels or bedding and put the heavy stuff in individual small boxes.

3. Keep Essentials Close

There are certain essential items that you will need right away when you get to your new place: toiletries, change of clothes, etc. Keep these items with you in a suitcase or totebag. You never know what could happen during a move, and it is best to be prepared for anything.

There are other items that may not be essential but that you will need sooner after your move rather than later. Mark the boxes containing these items with a star or other recognizable symbol.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Declutter

Your packrat tendencies are an evolutionary holdover that no longer serve you well, at least not during your move. Don’t waste time and energy moving items that you no longer need or want. Instead, give them away or throw them away. You may even be able to get some extra cash by selling some items.

5. Tape Boxes Well

The stress on the boxes will be concentrated along the top and bottom edges. Wrap some tape all around these areas in addition to the top and bottom seams. Nothing could be worse when moving than a box failure.

Nothing can entirely relieve the stress of moving. However, these tips may help make the process a little easier.

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