What You Should Ask Before Moving

Discover what you should ask your mover such as Alliance Moving and Storage for example the most when moving and follow the questions that will avoid many stressful hassles.

We entrust our furniture to you; how can we be sure that it will be delivered to its destination?

It’s a delicate question that intuitively calls into question the relationship of trust that led you to meet.

For a professional, the answer is almost obvious, while a freelancer who comes to move you does not have a storefront.

The best answer directs you to take increasing precautions if certain things are important to you.

Securely manage your valuables yourself.

What Happens In The Event Of An Accident?

It is also a delicate question by which one worries about the future of the employees and risk management insofar as, for the self-employed, the mover becomes the boss for a day and inherits certain responsibilities.

Companies benefit from the principle of appearance, which means that, by default, no responsibility weighs on the person who buys a service and that the latter does not need to monitor the legality of the participants, it is the state that is responsible.

As for the self-employed, we can ask them if they have mutual insurance or, more simply, a vital card. In the event of an accident at work, more theoretical than practical, you remain responsible. Think of the contract which has the value of an employment contract. It is a theoretical risk. It is also up to you to monitor that the speakers do not have an inadequate outfit for their activity.

How Do You Present Your Offer?

For professionals, an estimate is mandatory before and an invoice after.

Hiring individuals can also lead you to demand a minimum of formalism.

Make a summary by SMS of the service by framing all the services and their costs.

The more precautions you take, the fewer misunderstandings and disputes there will be.

Evasive answers or a maintained vagueness can reveal a poorly accomplished practice or leave the door open to overcharging.

Being abused also lies in the blind trust that one can have, and dealing with a professional can give an illusion of security.

Vigilance above all, especially if you make several quotes, you can point out the disparities between each other.

To avoid damaging your belongings during the move (transport, handling), use appropriate packaging, and don’t hesitate to use sufficient bubble wrap for fragile items. Call on a certified and recognized professional mover such as Fine Art & Antique Movers In Chicago for example to be reimbursed without any worries in case a problem arises. Jerome also said that the customer service of a real moving company was a big plus. Indeed, the company he had chosen had made him benefit from payment facilities.

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