Ways to Upgrade a Smaller Bathroom Space

Bathrooms are the one room in the home that are both personal and private, so it’s important to get the balance right when upgrading your space. You want your bathroom to be a space you can use to relax as well as somewhere fresh and inviting, so having the right balance of décor and functional features in a smaller bathroom is really beneficial. There are lots of ways in which you can upgrade your small bathroom space, without having to make large changes to your existing set up. From utilising space efficiently to introducing new features to the space, the following post covers everything you need to know to transform your smaller bathroom.

Inject Some Colour

One of the easiest easy to upgrade any space is to bring a new lease of life with colour. Having a new colour injected into the room can instantly transform the space and create a fresh, new feel. Bathrooms are really easy to decorate when it comes to colour, as there are a handful of brights that will really capture the atmosphere you’re aiming for. Remember to think about which colours complement each other and help to enhance a smaller space, such as whites paired with light blues and greys. These colours will work hand in hand to create a larger feel, with a more open and inviting aesthetic.

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Introduce Technology

For the ultimate bathroom upgrade, you want to introduce new features that really bring a modern feel to the space. Smart showers are a new must-have feature in many bathrooms and with a smaller space, they can add something to the room that makes it unique and exciting. Having a smart shower in the home is a luxury, but one that many people can have and enjoy. From monitoring the temperature and pressure of your shower, to running the bath from your mobile phone, it’s never been easier to make the most of your bathroom space. Online retailers like Aqualisa cover a wide range of smart shower tech, so you can always find the right style to suit your bathroom and tick all the boxes.

Use Mirrors

By using mirrors in a smaller bathroom, you can help create a larger feel and enhance the space in an instant. Mirrors are ideal for use in smaller spaces, working to bounce light around the room and help the space feel fresh and open. Positioning a mirror in the centre of the room, opposite the window can really create a spacious feel and reflect as much light as possible around the room. You’ll also find that mirrors help to make the space feel luxurious, as well as the other practical features that come with them.

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Declutter the Space

Just like every other room in the house, clutter results in a space feeling cramped and untidy, which is the last thing you want in a smaller room. Focus on decluttering your bathroom by throwing away any unwanted items that are taking up essential storage space, or simply making the room look messy. In order to have a space that feels open and spacious, you need to have as little on display as possible. Focus on introducing stylish features such as houseplants and artwork, whilst eliminating items like everyday bathroom products from visible shelving to keep the room feeling clean and tidy.

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