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Top Tips for Decorating a Small Bedroom in Style

Many people struggle when it comes to decorating small spaces, especially when it comes to small bedrooms. Knowing that you want to include as much storage as possible, whilst not knowing where to put it is daunting, but there are some great ways to decorate a small bedroom in a stylish way that will achieves the storage and practical goals you’re hoping for. From the colour choices to the furniture, continue reading for some top tips on how to stylishly decorate your small bedroom.

Introduce Bright Colours

Certain colours help to give a spacious, fresh feel within the home and It’s beneficial to focus on those when decorating a small space. Soft toned colours such as white, blue and green are ideal for enhancing the lighting within the room and creating a spacious feel. You often find that darker colours absorb the lighting, so you want to avoid them when working in your small bedroom. Whether you bring these colours in through painting the walls, adding a statement wallpaper wall or even injecting colour into the bedding and decorative items, it’s really easy to do and will make a huge difference overall.

Stylish Accessories

When working with a small space, you want to try and bring as much style as you can in as little items as possible. You don’t want to overdo it and make your room feel crowded, as this will make it feel smaller and less inviting. By switching your existing door handles, light switches and plug sockets for something a little more exciting, such as brushed steel or bold brass, you can transform your room in an instant. This may seem like a small step but having new decorative touches like these can really change the whole dynamic of a room. You can find high-quality sets, like these, that enable you to keep your style consistent throughout the room and draw the whole look together perfectly.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

You may be struggling for space and storage when it comes to your small bedroom, which is where multi-purpose furnishings come in extremely handy. By utilising what you have carefully, you can transform your bedroom and create additional space for storage. For example, using your headboard as a shelving unit can work perfectly for storing books, photographs and even candles or other accessories that you want on display in your room. Under the bed can be used for storage boxes, ideal for putting seasonal clothes away when not required in the wardrobe and you can double up your dressing table as a desk whenever you need to get some work done. Simply using items for more than one purpose will really help you make the most of your bedroom space and feel like it’s larger than it really is.

 Allow Natural Light

Letting as much natural light into a room as possible will help to create a light, open feel. You want your bedroom to feel spacious and welcoming, so ensure your windows are clean and your blinds or curtains can open enough to let plenty of natural light shine through.

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