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Springtime Safety for Your Pet

From the beautiful fresh mornings to the lighter evenings, spring is a time that brings new life, sunny days and positive energy, but with all the wonderful things that come with spring come some things to be mindful of. When owning a pet, you already take on a number of new responsibilities, but during the spring these responsibilities grow slightly with the need to ensure your pet is safe and protected throughout the season. Continue reading to find out exactly how you can keep your pet safe and happy throughout the springtime.

Pesky Pests

One of the main downsides to the spring is the level of pests that you come across. From unwanted wasps to other bugs that are drawn to the fresh new flowers, it’s difficult to avoid them and they can be harmful to our pets. It’s really important to ensure your pet has yearlong protection from unwanted pests such as ticks and fleas by keeping their flea and tick treatments going. Many people only seem to use these in the summertime, but fleas and ticks are always around, and the spring is just as likely to bring these unwanted visitors as the summer will be. If you’re unsure on which treatments are best for your pet, take a look at the advice online here, or get in touch with your vet for further information and peace of mind.

Easter Treats

Whether it’s the exciting egg hunt or the endless supply of chocolate, Easter is a fun season for many, but it can be extremely dangerous for our pets. It’s important to ensure that your dog doesn’t get access to any Easter chocolate, as this can be poisonous to them and cause them serious issues further down the line. Similarly, you don’t want them to get hold of any Easter decorations, foil wrapping or flowers as again these items can be extremely hazardous to dogs and could result in them struggling to breathe, being sick and much worse.

Garden Safety

When the lovely spring weather arrives, the first thing you want to do is get out into the garden and enjoy some fresh air. With this, we see a spike in people working in their gardens, getting them into good shape and making them look neat and tidy for the warmer months ahead. Whilst gardening, you often use hazardous products such as fertiliser and pest control to help keep your garden in shape, but these are also extremely dangerous if found by your pet. Just like chocolate, most gardening products contain ingredients that would be dangerous for your dog or cat, so it’s important to keep them out of reach when not in use. A great thing to do would be to keep your pet limited to a certain part of the garden whilst you are gardening, or perhaps keep them indoors whilst you use specific gardening products.

Keeping Track

Taking your dog on a long walk during the springtime is such as lovely thing to do. Whether you go to the beach, the local nature reserve or you simply explore the countryside, there are so many stunning places that you can visit where your dog can run around to their hearts content. When travelling away from your home, however, you need to ensure your dog is safe and protected, as you often find they can get a little excited and lose track of where they are. If your dog decides to run a little too far away and loses sight of you, you need to ensure they have an ID tag and microchip, as this way anyone who finds them can get them back to your safely.

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