Various Signs to Indicate You Need Roof Replacement

Roof damage is one of the common damages that every homeowner has to deal with and if the condition warrants replacement then you may visit the website

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Following are few signs that you may notice which will indicate that your roof now needs replacement at the earliest.

  • Roof age

On an average any roof which is more than twenty years old are quite vulnerable to various kinds of damages and you may often be troubled and frequently seek roof repairs.

Therefore, as soon as your roof becomes too old, then you must start monitoring its conditions very closely and be prepared for roof replacement.

  • Dark streaks and stains

Such stains can easily be identified by any layman too and if you can find such stains that are also running down all through your walls then perhaps the moisture is leaking from the roof.

It is high time to replace your roof.

  • Shingles buckling and curling

This is another important sign, which will call for immediate roof replacement. You may try to look at slopes of the home from where you may see direct sunlight and you can find the location from where the shingles may be buckling or curling.

  • Roof valleys

In case you find shingles are missing or falling apart then it is a positive sign that you will need new roof. In your roof, valleys are most important area and rain and snow will flow through these valleys into gutter.

There can be roof leaks if valley is compromised and need to visit the website https://www.sunflowerstateexteriors.com/services/ for necessary consultation with the experts.

  • Leaks and water damage

Very clear signs about water damage in your roof will be leaks, sagging spots, dark stains, rotting tiles etc.

Never ignore all these kinds of damages, howsoever small they may appear now because in due course of time they will continue to get even worse.

  • Missing shingles

If you notice any missing or damaged shingles on your roof after inspecting, then it is one of the positive signs that you must consider replacing your roof immediately.

  • Chimney flashing

Chimney flashing is another area that you must be concerned about. In case, the flashing consists of tar or roof cement, then it must be replaced with water-tight fitting, that would be metal flashing system.

  • Look for Shingle granules in gutters

Check into your gutters whether you find they are loaded with shingle granules. At the end of the life cycle of roofs, it may tend to lose more granules.

  • Daylight seen through roof boards

If you ever notice a trampoline bounce or spongy feel while walking on your roof, that means underlying decking has weakened due to moisture.

From your attic check to see whether any daylight is seen through your roof boards. At the same time also check in the insulation for moisture.

  • Paper trail

Try to find the various records that you have regarding your maintenance, installation or any other repair activities done on your roof, all throughout its life and analyze its condition along with an expert.

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