The First Office: 3 Golden Tips for Renting an Office

Would you like to rent an office together with your company like a Therapy Office Space for Rent in Chicago River North for example, or would you like an office design tailored to your organization? Is it also the first time that you are looking for office space? We answer the most important questions for you. There are many offices, and every company has different requirements in terms of size, room layout, equipment, contract terms, and location. Especially at the beginning, when you want to rent your first office and are not yet able to estimate your needs, it is essential to pay attention to the following points.

1 Rent a Flexible Office Space

In recent years, the demand for flexible office space has increased significantly. This trend has meanwhile reached Germany and primarily the big cities. You have a flexible office if you rent a certain number of workstations under flexible conditions. The main reason medium to large companies rent flexible office space is that employers often have to react very quickly to developments in their company. If you are flexible when renting an office, you can switch to larger office space as you grow or downsize again if you only need more workspaces temporarily, for example. Keep in mind that the number of employees also affects the number of workstations required.

Another key reason flexible renting is becoming more and more important is the additional flexibility in contract design. Contracts with a term of more than 10 years are no longer signed. Today, companies attach great importance to flexibility and short contract periods. Contract terms of 1 to 5 years are therefore becoming more common.

2 Renting an Office in a Business Center or Office Community

Many companies don’t know that there are many different options to choose from when renting an office. The choice between the different buildings with different office spaces is huge. Especially in the German metropolises, you will encounter building types. You can choose between two building types and rent your new office in a business center or an office community.

3 Renting a Furnished Office

Renting office space or personal office space is an investment for companies that should be well thought out beforehand. It’s not enough to decide on the first available office space; it’s always worth taking a closer look. In this way, one also recognizes the external costs that one does not expect first. Think of travel expenses, insurance, or the facility.

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