Simple Tricks to Achieve Calmness and Peace in a Pandemic

Pandemics — such as the COVID-19, financial market collapse, and other troubling global developments — are enough to make even the hardiest individuals lose sleep and appetite. During such crises, physical and mental health problems spike dramatically, affecting practically all sectors of society. If you’re among the many affected individuals, you should make the necessary and immediate actions to avoid falling victim to such physical and mental issues.

Here are eight simple tricks to remain calm and at peace even during the most trying times:

  1. Have pleasant distractions. It’s important to take your mind off all the negativity around you, especially when they take a toll on your well-being. You can easily achieve this by doing things that make you productive and happy — what others love to call pleasant distractions. If you’re musically inclined, you can take private music lessons courtesy of a reputable local school. You can also do art projects or engage in a simple hobby that you can do without going outside (perfect during a pandemic).
  2. Seek help when needed. Many people choose to go through crises on their own, believing that they would cause great inconvenience when they confide their inner problems with people close to them. Well-meaning as it may seem, it’s actually a terrible way to handle matters during a crisis. When you think that you can’t resolve your personal troubles anymore, it’s not a crime to seek help from your loved ones, friends, counselors, and other professionals trained for such cases. With other people giving you support through your ordeal, you can eventually survive it instead of losing your sanity.
  3. Don’t forget to care for yourself. Among the best ways to triumph over troubles is to have self-care routines that ease the worries and pain you feel. While it’s something that may seem easier said than done, it’s not at all impossible to do. You can do simple things such as meditation, volunteering, or indulging in your comfort food every once in a while. Self-care should not be pricey; in fact, the simpler and more economical, the better.
  4. Invest in turning your home into a Zen place. Your home should be every bit a place where you can feel absolute peace, which is why you must invest in transforming it into a veritable Zen haven. You can have essential oils, a spa kit, and an indoor water feature such as a koi pond or an artificial mini waterfalls to achieve a Zen-like ambiance indoors. If you have a lawn, you can also have other Zen amenities such as a rock garden, some bamboo, and another water feature.
  5. Let there be a plant. The COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to numerous homeowners who turned to planting and gardening to de-stress and remain productive amid stay-at-home orders. This trick would not set you back hugely in terms of financial investment since you’ll only need some basic gardening tools and materials. You can begin a small nursery or start a vegetable garden to enjoy fresh ingredients for your home-cooked meals. It’s a win-win proposition, no matter how you look at it.
  6. Exercise often and eat well. It’s important to remain physically strong during a pandemic or other crisis, which is why you must exercise daily and eat healthy food daily. While junk food and artificial sweets may seem like the best go-to comfort food out there, you can hardly get any nutrition from them. So, instead of indulging in unhealthy food, be sure to eat lots of fruits and veggies, as well as lean protein and whole grains, to get as much nutrition each day as possible.
  7. Communicate frequently. It’s vital to keep your communication lines open with your support system: friends, family members, and relatives. These days, there are plenty of ways to stay in touch with people, thanks to the accessibility of gadgets and apps that allow for quick voice and video calls over the internet. By maintaining your contacts with people that matter most to you, you won’t feel alone and miserable and instead get the reassurance that would help you go through such a difficult time.
  8. Get plenty of sleep each night. Loss of sleep is a sure recipe for disaster during a crisis, so it’s something that you have to be wary of. The obvious solution is to sleep at least eight to ten hours each day so that you will feel refreshed and energized the following day. You should also sleep and wake up during the same time daily to help your body establish and maintain its internal clock.

Keeping yourself sane and tough amid a trying time is obviously easy but not impossible. Just heed these tips, and you’ll be better equipped to survive such an ordeal.

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