Luxury Interior Design Tips

Achieving a luxurious interior design is done through a process that begins by identifying your vision to create the décor feel you want. An interior designer is a great resource to help you achieve the décor you desire. An interior designer will work to bring your design vision to life.

Differences Between Interior Designers and Interior Decorators

An interior designer is different from an interior decorator, even though often people mistakenly think they are the same. Some differences are:

  • Decorating Tips– both interior designers and decorators will give decorating advice.
  • Structural Design Advice– an interior designer has structural design knowledge and will work with an architect and contractor to make the home’s design a reality. An interior decorator is not experienced in structural design.
  • Structural Planning– an interior designer is involved in the design planning of a house, has knowledge of the regulations and building codes, and ensures that they meet them. An interior decorator is not engaged in this kind of planning.

Importance of An Interior Designer

If you plan to renovate your building or build a custom-designed house, it is vital to have an interior designer. They will take your design vision and advise you on what is viable and what isn’t and offer different ideas. Ideally, the interior designer should work with the architects and contractor to translate your design vision during the planning stage.

How To Select The Ideal Interior Designer

You need to know your style, budget, time for the project, and inspiration that informs what you would like. It is important to have a visual of what you would like so that your interior designer can know what you want. You can get visuals from magazines, décor-based websites, or from people’s homes which you have visited.

When looking for recommendations for an interior designer, you can ask your architect and contractor for referrals they have worked with before. You can get recommendations from people who love the design of their homes or use professional organizations that list interior designers.

You can carry out further due diligence and look at their portfolios to select candidates you feel would understand your vision. Once you have narrowed down your selections, carry out interviews and select an interior designer who can work with the set budget and timelines.

What To Look For In An Interior Designer

  • What design services they offer- based on your vision and advice from your contractor, you will need to choose a designer who can carry out the services you need. Some of these include developing design plans, advising that the ideas do not violate the laws and regulations, project management, space planning, etc.
  • How much client input is needed- some designers will prefer minimal client input while others will work collaboratively with you from beginning to end.
  • How they work with the architect and contractor- some designers prefer to work with their recommended architects and contractors.
  • How they work to stick to the budget and timelines you have provided.
  • Some of the similar projects they have worked on which are similar to what you have in mind.

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