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First, choose your furniture in proportion to the volume of your room. If your room is small, large pieces of furniture will occupy all the space without letting you move easily.

The first piece of furniture to get hold of is the sofa. There are all models, sizes or colors. You will inevitably find the one suitable for your room. This type of furniture often represents a substantial purchase. You can definitely get it used. Why buy a new one when others are waiting for new owners in good condition and at half price? Better to place your sofa against a wall for the sake of FengShui. Once you have determined the place of the sofa, you can arrange the other elements of your living room. Visit the website for all the information about the same.

You will then need extra chairs. Do not hesitate to multiply the seats. If the room is too small choose them modular or multifunction. There are Poufs for example or small benches. Try not to point all the chairs, with the sofa, at the TV. It would be a planning error. The living room is above all a convivial room, placing TV at the center of attention is antisocial. Prefer to place it on the side or integrate it in a piece of furniture like a bookcase.

Finally, the last essential in your living room is the coffee table. Again there are all sizes, colors and styles. You can place it in front of the sofa, as on the side. Or transform it into a small TV cabinet against a wall.

When choosing your furniture, do not hesitate to vary the styles and materials,while trying to keep a coherence of atmosphere or colors. To give style to your interior without staying in a monotonous decor, find all our advice on our blog.

To not waste space or even to give the impression of larger, there are some very useful tips:

Use corners and corners: Placing furniture in the corners of your room or even under a staircase often saves space. Do not hesitate to use them.

Limit contact with the ground: To give or save an impression of space, choose raised furniture instead. A sofa with legs, a hanging chair or a TV cabinet inlaid in the wall. Fewer objects are thus in contact with the ground, freeing up space.

Choice of colors: White is a color that enlarges a room. You can also choose this color for a sofa to create a space effect. For a question of perspective you can also choose to paint a wall section of another color: khaki, blue, fuchsia.

Do not lean everything against the walls: Do not hesitate to slightly remove your sofa from the wall, this will reduce a slightly too massive appearance. Also place your armchairs in the middle of the room, scatter them in space but do not stick them to the walls.

The mirror : Placing a mirror in your living room will bring brightness and therefore an enlarging effect on the room. Choose a fairly large size and place it so as to reflect the light. If you have a garden, try to reflect it in your mirror. You might as well bring a little nature into your interior.

Here is what to optimize your living space thanks to a good arrangement. If you are thirsty for other advice, find other of our articles dedicated to the show.

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