Ways to prevent and control wasps

The wasp should always be monitored to ensure that they do not cause harm or ruin anything. To control wasps, you must first ensure you know what attracts them, helping you gain control and possibly even attract them. The wasps are generally attracted by;

Garbage cans

The wasps are generally attracted to garbage cans that are not regularly emptied or not well covered. With the information above, then, you have one way of ensuring you prevent wasps from your place. The method merely is emptying the garbage cans and ensuring they are always covered.

Spills from food and juices

The smell of the spills, especially from juices, attracts wasps. To avoid the wasps that come due to the spills, ensure that you clean thoroughly to remove all the spills. Eating areas should be regularly washed, and all crumbs removed and put away.

Maintaining hygiene, as shown below, is the first step of Boston wasp control. The wasps won’t just stay away because you maintain cleanliness, and you need to take more measures to ensure the wasps remain away from home. The measures include;

House structure

The house structure may provide a suitable home for wasps. Consider repairing your cracks so as not to give the wasps a home to live in and make a home. Repair any holes and crevices so the wasps may not find a suitable place to inhabit and live.

Natural wasp repellents

The wasp repellents will help you ensure the wasps do not come at your doorstep. Natural repellants include vinegar that can be used to create water traps. Once the wasps are in the water, they are unable to get out. Using natural repellents will help you get rid of them using less money. You can also use soap and water to control the wasps.

Making the wasp’s traps

The wasp’s traps are easy to make. You can make the traps by using bottles and putting inside some special treats such as sugar. The traps are easy to make, and you can use them to control the wasps. The wasp traps help control them before they make your home their home. You can also build fake nests that are sprayed; hence when the wasps are in contact with them, they die immediately.

Removing bird nectar

You can also consider removing bird nectar from your home intended for other insects. The nectar is sweet hence attracts wasps.  It is essential to get rid of sugary foods and nectar to ensure you do not attract wasps in your compound.


Some of the sweet-smelling plants on your lawn attract wasps. If you do not need the plants, then consider removing them. The removal of the plants will help you not attract the wasps; hence your home will be habitable.

Bottom line

It is a known fact that the wasps can be a nuisance and need to be controlled. The best way to control the wasps is to start by learning to prevent them even before you land at your home. Ensure you determine the best prevention methods and utilize them. If they land at your home, then using repellents and insecticides will help you a great deal.

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