Guide to Know About the Mattresses Built with Two or More Support Systems 

The mattresses which are hybrids in nature are made with more than two support constructions. It has a combination of multiple forms of support and has a mixture of memory foam, gel and a combination of coil technology. This provides more comfort to the user as compared to the normal mattress and is associated with a comfortable sleep experience.

These mattresses are ideal for people who wish to have good support of memory foam. You can buy high-end hybrid mattresses at MATTRESS360 in Arizona. These are made in such a way that you are sure to get a comfortable night to sleep with the added health benefits.

Components of A Mattress That Is Hybrid In Nature


  • Base – It is made of foam. It is a polyurethane foam type. This imparts mattress durability, padding, and stability. This supports the material placed on the top and it is around one inch in thickness.
  • Coil – The mattress gets the height and firm structure due to coils. These are 6 – 7 inches high and have small packet rolls containing the coils.
  • Comfort Layer – This has foam which provides comfort. It is memory foam, latex or both. The ratio in which both are used in a mattress depends on the company. It is possible to get customization depending on your needs.
  • Pillow Top Lawyer- This not a common layer in all the mattresses. But is used in most of the types. This is a thin layer on top of the comfort layer. It is made of memory foam, cotton, latex, etc.

A Complete Change from The Traditional Bedding to A Luxurious Type                

These are the source of getting softness and breathability. You experience an optimum level of ease and comfort when you lie down on the same. The use of gel-infused memory foam provides a comfortable sleep.

The gel diffuses more heat than other types of memory foams. So, these mattresses remain cooler at night, rather than the traditional memory foam mattresses which make use of only one type of material.

The unique memory foam creates a pillow-like softness for your bed. It is the key factor while the mattress is designed. This is made in such a manner that you get the best foundation for your back when you lie down along with a comfortable sleep experience. The use of super-soft memory foam gives the perfect combination of support and softness while you are sleeping.


These mattresses are designed with high-density soft memory foams, so keep you adequately rested all night. This is beneficial for the health of a person because a good sleep alleviates various health-related issues.

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