Everything to know about asbestos surveys

What is meant by an asbestos survey?

The inspection of a property, such as a building, to assess the amount of asbestos in the materials, along with the levels of risks associated with them, is known as an asbestos survey. If you are about to renovate your home, you would have to conduct the necessary asbestos surveys. You can find several asbestos survey London companies to help you with the surveys. They will assess your building for the presence of asbestos and will provide you the results that will tell you about the risks. They will also guide to carry out the desired work on the project without any harmful damages to the workers and others on the site. You will end up contaminating the environment with the asbestos fibers by breaking the building materials that contain the element if you renovate your building without an asbestos survey. As it will lead to serious health hazards, there are restrictions to proceed with the demolition or renovation processes before a survey for asbestos. Depending on the type of process and the age of your building, the type of assessment required will vary. So, it is vital to work with an experienced asbestos assessment and management company.

Types of asbestos surveys

There are several types of asbestos surveys depending on your work or ownership of the building. Some of these types are as follows,

  • Management survey– It will oversee the presence of asbestos-containing materials in the building and make sure that the workers and other people are being safe.
  • Demolition or refurbishment survey– You would have to hire a professional surveyor to take a sample of the suspicious area of your building and test it for the presence of asbestos elements in it. Depending on the report, you should take the necessary steps in that area.
  • Reinspection survey– It is the following surveys that will be required to make sure that the asbestos levels are remaining the same as the first survey. If there are any changes, you would have to work again.

How could you choose an asbestos surveyor?

Similar to all other industries, asbestos surveying also has thousands of companies out there in the market. Since you are about to hire a person to assess the levels of risks engaged with your building, it is better to find a suitable and experienced surveyor to do the job with perfection. The surveyor you select should have the following characteristics.

  • He should know everything about the asbestos survey. He must have proper qualifications to conduct the survey, and he should know the limitations also.
  • He should cover all the aspects of the asbestos survey without any mistakes and should provide valid reports on the findings.
  • It is better to hire a person who has several years of experience with the testing and assessment of asbestos. An experienced person will know all the risks associated with every action he does.
  • He should know the guidelines of asbestos assessment.

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