ESA Laws are Meant to Provide Hassle-Free Travel and Home Stay

Emotional Support Animal helps in coping with any kind of mental or psychological disorder. However, before getting an ESA, you should know all rules applicable to it. ESA is unlike service animals because ESA only provide support as well as companionship, but service animals help disabled people in performing certain tasks. For example, guiding a visually impaired person from obstacles, while walking on the street, is the work of service animal.

Here are some disabilities that are assisted by ESA –

  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Learning and intellectual disabilities
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Moto skill disorders

However, ESA isn’t given to everyone. There are certain rules and regulations that are followed in order to get ESA services –

  • The person should have some kind of disability which should be verified by a therapist.
  • The pet animal should provide some kind of assistance to the patient related to the above-mentioned disabilities.

Getting a therapist letter isn’t difficult if you have all sorts of documents available. There are any online sites that provide letter within 48 hours. One such portal site is Support Pets. You simply need to fill the doctor’s questionnaire and an approval is sent within 48 hours. Not many people know laws about emotional support animals which are primarily used in housing and travel.

Mentioned below are two parameters where ESA laws are applicable –

  • Travel
  • Housing


As per the ACAA, a person can travel through plane with their support animal in the cabin. A companion pet certificate is mandatory from a therapist who can verify the need of ESA that helps in treating disability. The airlines cannot deny your boarding or ask any personal questions after receiving authorization letter. Also, the airlines have to provide seat for ESA beside you and not in cage or cargo.

However, your pet should be well behaved with people around them. Contact your airlines 48 hours before travelling to inform them about your requirement and to know the formalities that are to be completed. Do remember your hotel might charge you for pet boarding facility.


According to the FHA, a building owner or landlord cannot deny the entrance of ESA or housing to the disabled person. Not many landlords or building managers are aware of the ESA rules, therefore you should always carry a letter that includes complete detail of your diagnosed problem. The landlord cannot charge a fee for accommodating an ESA, rather they need to provide adequate accommodation for support animal. However, you’re liable to pay all damages that occur due to your support pet.

ESA aren’t trained animals, therefore, don’t use them for physically disabled people as they cannot perform all tasks. You can choose any animal to become your support animal. However, do remember that they are well behaved with other people in society and animals around them.

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