Comparing Roofing Contractors: A Quick Guide!

Regardless of whether you need help with repairing roof shingles, or want roofing for your new home, finding the right service is important. Thanks to Google, finding a list of local services in your area doesn’t have to be complicated. However, not all roofing contractors are same, and as a client, you have to be very specific with the company you hire, because this is a matter of your home’s safety and aesthetic appeal. In this post, we are sharing more on what it takes to compare roofing contractors.

Ask the simple questions

Clients have every right to ask questions when they hire a local roofing service. Here are some common questions that are worth asking –

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Do you deal in roofing installation too?
  3. Is your company licensed? Do you have the necessary permits?
  4. Is your company insured?
  5. Do you have an in-house team of roofing experts and repairmen?
  6. If yes, are your workers bonded, trained, and have workers’ compensation insurance?
  7. Can you share a few references?
  8. Do you also work in the commercial sector?
  9. What kind of roofing materials do you typically deal with?
  10. Can you offer an estimate in advance?

Look for emergency services

While not all roofing contractors have the same, some do have an emergency contact number, so you can expect assistance around the clock. Roofing damage and water leakage can damage the walls and other areas of the house sooner than expected. With a roofing service that’s accessible on a single call, you can be assured.

Checking for estimates

Most roofing services will send in their experts, to check the condition of your home, and based on the actual work involved, you can expect an estimate. Do not be tempted to select a company based on the estimate alone. If a roofing contractor is charging less than the average service, there are probably ways in which they are cutting costs. Make sure that you check the estimate in depth, to avoid unwanted surprises later.

Get warranty, where applicable

For new roofing installation and extensive repairs, you can expect to get a warranty on the job. Ask the roofing contractor if they offer such assurances, and if they are willing to mention all of this on paper. Warranties may extend to a few months to years, depending on the work done.

Check online now to find the best-rated roofing contractors near you, and do call up the references they provide.

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