Best Picture Hanging Systems For Museums

If you run or own a museum or art gallery then you know that you need the best picture hanging system for your art.

You’re not just hanging your child’s drawings on the fridge, these are expensive and important pieces that need to be handled carefully and displayed in the optimum way so that everyone can enjoy the beauty and magnificence of these pictures. But what is the best picture hanging system for your museum?

How To Choose The Best Picture Hanging System

First you need to have a contractor check your walls and ceilings for the best structural supports. Even though the cables and the picture hanging system may be top quality, it won’t serve you well if you attach them to a delicate wall or ceiling. Though you may already know whether you want it to be ceiling mounted or wall mounted, not every room is designed for every connection.

Rail Options

Once you have checked the structural integrity of the space you will choose either the wall-mounted Gallery or Moderna rail or the ceiling-mounted Sky rail. All are great options depending on what works best for your space. Review how they connect to your room and then you can move on to your hanger option.

Hanger Options

When choosing your hanger, you should check the weight load of your art that you want to hang. Usually people will choose a rod for heavier items but you should certainly check out the heavy-duty J-hook cables that can support up to 150lb each.

Cables are the more popular option as they are more inconspicuous and some versions have more color options but it depends on the look you want to go for as rods create a very different aesthetic.

Hook Options

Lastly you come to your choice of hooks. Whether you choose a cable or rod system, attaching the hook is usually quite simple and you can select the height at which you connect it. It is important, however, to make sure that the hook you choose is compatible with the picture you want to hang.

Don’t buy your hook until you know exactly how you want to connect to your picture frame. Though they are inexpensive and likely won’t be a costly mistake, it will waste your time when you could have selected the correct hook type and already had your pictures proudly displayed.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a picture hanging system for your museum or gallery is no small decision. Take your time to review the options and compare what will work best for what you want to display.

In addition to the aforementioned choices you will have to make, we also recommend reviewing additional accessories that might bring the whole thing together such as clamps, tensioners and stabilizers. Once you make your final selection, your picture hanging system will be the support behind the beauty, and will allow you and your visitors to get the most from the art displayed.

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