Why You Should Have Your Curtains Dry Cleaned Professionally

Curtains are a hassle to clean due to their thick fabrics, surprisingly heavy weight, size and the need to reinstall them once cleaned. As such, many home owners make the mistake of procrastinating in cleaning their home’s curtains. Yet, curtain cleaning is not a uniform process, rather different tasks are required in a given cycle.

Maintenance Routines That You Can Conduct

More frequent maintenance tasks include a simple wipe down or vacuuming of the curtains. This helps to remove any dirt or dust that has been accumulating on your curtain during the week. Furthermore, it hinders the development of an environment ripe for mould and mildew growth.

However, on a monthly basis, it is encouraged that you perform a full cleaning of your curtain. This can be done in 3 ways, depending on your curtain’s fabric:

  1. You could place the entire curtain in your washing machine or hand wash it. While your fabric will dictate what you can or cannot do, generally you should avoid washing with hot water. Additionally, the curtain should be fully dried before being reinstalled in front of your window.
  2. Alternatively, you could go to a local dry-cleaning shop to have your curtains done. This is a safer approach and helps to reduce the chances of your curtain sustaining damage during the cleaning process.
  3. Lastly, if you are familiar with the works of a steamer, you could try to steam your curtain. This method does not require the uninstallation of your curtain; thus you can clean it while it remains vertical. However, special care must be taken to ensure that it does not become overly damp and thus an environment for mould growth.

Professional Curtain Cleaning Companies

Beyond the weekly and monthly maintenance tasks, you should engage a professional Curtain Dry Cleaning Singapore company on a semi annual basis. Their professional services ensure that the curtains are thoroughly cleaned and returned to you in great condition. Other benefits of engaging them include:

  1. All bacteria, including those beneath the surface such as dirt, dust and pollen will be removed. Additionally, the curtains are deeply cleansed with professional cleaning ingredients and disinfectants, thus ensuring that mould will not fester in your curtains.
  2. All allergens are also removed from your curtains. The tricky thing about allergens is that they are never apparent to people who are not allergic to them. As such, you may be endangering the health of future guests without being aware.
  3. Finally, convenience is a chief advantage here. Curtain cleaning companies will help to uninstall and reinstall your curtains, while thoroughly cleaning them in between. All works are taken out of your hands.

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