The Advantages Of A Stone House

New constructions have been subject to regulations aimed at improving energy loss, thus allowing a significant increase in the quality of our residences over a certain period. Indeed, our impact on the planet is no longer a surprise; our houses will thus be part of a sustainable approach for nature and our families and us to live in a healthy environment. Although historically, the choice of stone from stone companies near me for constructing a house was quite natural, this material is today in competition with many others such as wood, brick, and cinder block. Let’s come back in this article to the undeniable advantages of stone for constructing your house.

The Choice Of Stone: A Noble, Durable, And Ecological Material

Who has never succumbed to the charm of a stone house? Indeed, the look of a building constructed with this material exudes a feeling of well-being at first glance. The aesthetics are the first advantage of the stone and represent a high-quality house. Combined with wood, the result is breathtaking. Its use is not limited to the house’s walls; we find it everywhere, as in the realization of low walls, fireplaces, or walkways. The large choice of a variety of stone and colors is not a constraint, and it will thus be able to suit contemporary constructions without any fault of taste.

Beyond the visual aspect, the stone is the strongest and most durable material today. Making this choice for the construction or renovation of your house allows you to move towards a choice of very high quality. It is particularly appreciated for the construction of a passive house.

Finally, it is essential to emphasize that stone is one of the most ecological materials. Indeed, no chemical transformation is necessary for its creation. Its extraction requires a very limited amount of energy, and the waste products such as water and mud are easily recycled. France is rich in stone extraction quarries; no complex and energy-intensive delivery circuit is necessary to obtain supplies.

The Stone Has One Of The Highest Thermal Resistances

In the context of new construction, our habitats must comply with the standards defined within the framework of the RT regulations. One of its standards and not the least for our comfort and to reduce our energy consumption concerns thermal resistance. The stone houses then naturally enjoy a much better thermal insulation; indeed, the stone presents an extraordinary thermal resistance, making it possible to preserve the freshness in summer and the heat in winter. Thus, a house built with stone will lighten and considerably reduce its energy bill!

In addition, since stone is a natural material, the air in the house will be purified just as naturally. The sound insulation is also excellent and greatly reduces exterior noise pollution.

The Cost Of A Stone House

Stone is a less fashionable material for new construction. Although the latter is available in all regions of France, their delivery requires additional costs and their use for construction requires special skills in masonry. Thus, the cost of stone is higher than the usual materials such as brick and concrete blocks. Indeed, the stone requires extraction, size, and routing work which weighs on its price, so consider supplying yourself through quarries as close as possible to your future home to maintain control over the invoice. It is thus difficult to give an estimated price of the additional cost of a stone house according to its criteria, especially the type of stone. Do not hesitate to obtain estimates to know the real impact according to your situation because the additional cost of construction will be greatly profitable for the energy savings that you will achieve in the future.

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