Planning The Perfect Kitchen Extension For Your Home

When you and your family spend a lot of time together in your home’s kitchen and dining area, but there is not a lot of space available, consider extending your home. It can be much easier and more affordable to build an extension to your home rather than move, and it is a lot less upheaval for you and your family. You can design the perfect open-plan kitchen diner that has plenty of space to cook, eat, relax, and entertain. Below are some factors of your house extension that can help create the dream space you have always wanted for your family home.

The Size Of Your Extension

You will need to consider how big an extension you want to build to your home and whether it will be a single or a double-storey extension. Doubling the size of the house extension can double the price or more, so if you have a limited budget, you may consider opting for a single-storey extension for your home. Whether you are using savings or borrowing money to pay for the work, ensure you do not stretch your finances too thinly and that you make affordable plans for your home.

The Floor Plan & Layout Of Your Kitchen

You will also need to consider how you will lay out your kitchen and the location of everything, which you can start planning once you know how big your extension will be. It is worth consulting with expert kitchen designers to help you plan the floor plan and layout and utilise their knowledge to help you design the perfect one for your home. You can include your dream kitchen island, and if you have space, create a separate utility room for the washing machine and other items. Once you have the layout, you will want to consider the light and windows you will have in your new house extension.

The Light In Your Dream Kitchen Diner

You will want lots of natural light in your kitchen, which will help make it a bright and happy space in your home. An excellent way of ensuring plenty of light no matter which direction your kitchen faces is installing a large bifold door opening up to the garden and considering skylights for the roof. You will want to install LED lights in your kitchen diner, which are energy-efficient and also cost-effective to run and can help reduce your electricity bills.

The Finish & Décor

The next thing to turn your attention to is how you will decorate your kitchen diner and the finish you want for your worktops and cupboards. You must ensure that the tiles and floor you use in the space match the colour of the cabinets and counters and that the furniture in the kitchen diner complements and marries everything together. Once all the work is complete, you will have a new space in your home that is suitable for all members of your family and an excellent place to relax. When the summer comes back again, and you can open the bifolding doors into your garden, you will also have the ideal space for entertaining and throwing fantastic barbecues and parties.

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