Building An Extension On Your Home In Shrewsbury

When your home needs more space but moving to a new one is not financially viable, you can always consider extending your current home instead of relocating. It can be a much more cost-effective solution, and it is perfect if you and your family are happy in your current location. There are various factors you must consider when extending your home, and below are some of them to help you start planning your ideal home extension.

Set A Budget For The Project

You will first need to determine your budget for the project, which will dictate what you can do with your home extension and how big it can be. Whether you are looking to use savings or borrow money from the bank or another source, you must have the funds already before starting your project. The last thing you want to happen in the middle of the project is for work to stop, as there are no funds, leaving you with a barely usable house.

Designing Your Home Extension

Next, you will need to speak to either a quality firm or architects or experienced Shrewsbury builders who can help you design the perfect home extension. They can put together the plans you will need to gain planning permission and help cost the project, so you know whether it is within budget. Once you have approved your preferred plans, you will need to ensure you get permission to build from your local council.

Getting Permission To Build

You will need to submit your plans and an application to the local council and gain approval before starting your extension build. Building an extension without planning permission can see you have to tear it down at your expense, so this is something you want to avoid having to do. The process will typically take around eight weeks to complete, and then as long as there are no objections upheld, you can start your building project.

Using A Reputable Building Firm

You will need to select a reputable building company for your home extension to ensure it is done to the highest quality and is within budget. You will need to do plenty of research before selecting a building company to use for your home extension and look at their previous jobs to judge their quality. You can also look at the reputations of the building companies online and browse the various ratings, comments and reviews you can find before deciding which is best for your project. You can use multiple websites and platforms for this task, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, trustatrader.com, yell.com, and Trustpilot. Once you have chosen your building company, you can set a date for the commencement of your project and start turning your house into your dream family home.

The building company will hopefully finish your project on time and within budget, but most building projects have unforeseen expenses, so it is always worth having a contingency in place. Once your extension is finished and decorated, you and your family can start enjoying the new space in your home, making it worth the expense.

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