Moving Office Locations: Tips and Tricks

So the past few years you have seen your business grow from a small town player to a regional powerhouse. Or you are outgrowing your home office and have decided to upgrade to a physical office and maybe hire a few staff to help out. Moving your office to a new location can be a test for any business. It may take you more time to get business up and running if things are lost or misplaced. Here are a few secrets to help your office move go smoothly.


Before you take the first piece of paper over to your new office you need to inventory everything that you are planning on taking with you. This process should start by getting rid of anything that isn’t going to go with you. If you plan on buying new office furniture for your new office you will need to throw away or recycle your current office furniture. If you are looking for furniture disposal Melbourne has plenty of companies that can help remove unwanted furniture before the move.

Taking a clear and full inventory of everything will help assure nothing important gets lost in the move . Computers, records, stock, everything needs to get to the new location and in perfect working condition so you can hit the ground running in the new office.

Moving Companies

If you are moving a large office it is the choice of many to go with a moving company. These men and women literally do the heavy lifting for you so you can help orchestrate the move for your staff and co-workers. Many moving companies specialise in moving offices and know what care must be placed into moving someone’s business. Some of these companies can even transport company vehicles for you. If the move goes wrong it can negatively affect business for months to come and that can be avoided by hiring trained moving professionals.

Getting Settled

Once you have moved all of your things to the new office, the arduous task of unpacking must begin. Instead of looking at this with dread, think of it as a time to create new efficiencies in your business model. The idea of moving to a new office is to increase your business’ bottom line. As you unpack you will start to see ways the new location can benefit your workers. Maybe your new office has a space that would be perfect for a board room. This can be used to increase teamwork and management. Even a space like a break room can give your workers a place to unwind with coffee and snacks. These kinds of efficiencies can be taken advantage of as you unpack, giving you and your business a head start at the new location.

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