Four Tips to Keep in Mind when Selling your Fire-Damaged Home

If your home has been damaged by a fire, dealing it can be devastating and frustrating. Aside from tackling the damage and dealing with the loss of your possessions, you also need to face the emotional scars. If you decide to move after a fire and sell your damaged home, there are things you must take into account.

Although the country sees a continuous increase in home supplies, house prices drop in a lot of regions. Even homes sold in perfect conditions don’t get sold immediately. That is why you must know how to make a great sale in a buyer’s market.

Below are some tips to help you with this:

Prioritize Repairs

If you decide to sell fire damaged house, expect the price to drop so far and so fast, leaving you with barely any profit. Thus, ensure you do some important repairs. Usually, the damaged caused following a fire can be serious and repairing everything can be too costly. In terms of repairs for a damaged home, prioritize the roof and the landscape. You need to show the yard, deck, interior, and everything else in the best light. Buyers who can see a new paint job and hardware may be impressed and buy your house.

Consider a Pre-Sale Home Inspection

A pre-sale inspection report will offer a detailed and clear picture of the repairs you have made. If your home has manageable repairs, ensure to make the repairs before you list your home for sale. But, if you are looking to make a profit without making any repairs, use the house inspection report to your advantage when selling your house.

Make a Reasonable Offer

To sell your fire-damaged home for a good price, always think like a home buyer. Determine the price that you would be willing to offer for the home. Putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes will help you come up with a reasonable and realistic price for your home. Pricing your house right lets is a trick to make a quick sale.

Understand the Local Market

If you live in the fire-struck area, chances are that the fire has damaged a lot of other homes there. To figure out the best selling price for your damage house, take the time to research comparable homes for sale in that area and other neighborhoods. Check out local listings for homes damaged by fires for the last six months.

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