A Guide to Building a Swimming Pool on your Property

If you have the space and have yet to invest in a swimming pool, there are many compelling reasons to make the investment. The long hot Australian summers are perfect for pool relaxation, and aside from the many years of pleasure for you and your family, should you ever decide to sell, you can ask a considerable amount extra for the pool.

Aspects to Consider

Any homeowner who is thinking of having a swimming pool built on the property should take many things into account. When costing the project, you must factor in the excavation, the construction of the pool, plus the filtration and pumps, and even after the pool is completed, there are running costs that must be included in your budget.

Above or In-Ground

This is the first thing to decide, and obviously, an in-ground pool is going to cost you a lot more than a stand-alone unit that sits above ground level. If you can afford a below ground pool, this is a much-preferred solution, as it is permanent, and by talking to an established pool designer, you can get a good idea of your size limitations. An above ground pool would be much cheaper, and there is a range of types, although how long it will last is open for debate, and even an above-ground pool must have adequate fencing and gating.

Sourcing a Contractor

The Internet can help you to source a local firm that builds pools, unless, of course, you happen to know a friend who has recently added a pool to their property. If they are happy with the job, then it makes sense to approach this company first, and you can always compare quotes at a later date. Prior to making a decision, ask to view a few local projects that the contractor has recently completed, which will give you a first-hand look at the quality of their work. The pool contractor should be able to handle every aspect of the build on your behalf, while also keeping you informed every step of the way.

Underground Survey

Unfortunately, you can simply hire a digger and excavate the ground where you will build the pool, as there might be utility cables or sewer pipes that would be affected. Either the pool contractor or a local surveyor would be able to map the target area to see if there are any issues to the excavation.

Pool Safety

The NSW state law says that you must obtain pool compliance in Sydney, or any part of the state, and the recently amended Swimming Pool Act of 1992 stipulates that every pool and spa must be certified as safe by an accredited pool certification company. It matters not whether you have children or not, the pool is regarded as a potential drowning hazard, therefore it must comply with current regulations. In order for the pool to be compliant, it must meet very specific requirements, which include the fencing, gating, correct signage and the absence of objects that could be used by a child to climb over the pool fencing.

There’s no doubt that having a pool in your back yard is the ultimate in luxury, and if you have crunched the numbers and can afford it, why not?

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