Different Ways A Architectural Firm Can Assist With Your Building Project

When undertaking a building project in Shrewsbury, there is a lot of planning involved, and it will take time to complete the project. It is not something you can rush as there are various factors to consider, such as the location of the building, the type and size of the building, choosing architects, and finding a reputable construction company. You can make it a much easier process by using the services of a respected planning consultancy, and they can assist your project in many ways. Below are some of the services they offer to show you how invaluable they can be when designing and constructing a building in Shrewsbury.

A Planning Consultancy

When you are planning to develop your land to unlock its potential, you will want to use the services of a Shrewsbury planning consultancy like en-plan.co.uk. They can help you with planning appraisals and pre-application planning advice to help ensure your plans are approved. They can also assist in appealing plans that do hit hurdles and help you with having land redesignated for another use if required. They can help look at various aspects of the project, including its environmental impact, and ensure all planning laws are adhered to implicitly.

Getting Planning Permission

You can also use your firm of architects to help you gain planning permission for your project so you can start building it as soon as possible. It typically takes around eight weeks to get planning permission when constructing a domestic building. However, it can take significantly longer when doing a commercial building, as there are many more factors for the local council to consider. Using a reputable firm can help ensure that any potential objects are answered, and the committee can see the benefits of your building for the wider community.

Assist With Building Regulations

You can also use a reputable firm of architects to assist you with building regulations, whether you are creating a new building or need to bring an existing one up to code. When you construct a building that does not meet the building regulations, you may have to undo all your work and tear it down if you are unlucky. Using a qualified and experienced firm of architects can help prevent you from getting into a situation like this and ensure your building is up to code and everything is above board.

Listed Building Consent

When you own a listed building and want to make changes, you are often limited to what you can do. Using a reputable firm of architects, they can tell you what is and is not possible to do to your listed building so you can make plans for suitable changes. They can help apply for permission to make these changes and increase the chances of your project receiving approval. The process length will depend on the type of building you have and the changes you wish to make, but a quality firm of architects will help streamline the application and help you gain permission for your project to proceed.

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