Designer Crystal Chandeliers

Are you looking for a premium custom made Swarovski crystal chandelier to grace the ceiling of your home? There are many family owned businesses that have been in the manufacturing of premium crystal chandeliers for over decades now.

They supply exceptionally designed chandeliers to the Australian customers at direct prices. They supply these crystallised products to all parts of Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Tasmania and Adelaide.

The chandeliers and pendant lights are available for immediate delivery in Australia while they are also distributed overseas to countries like USA. They also take care of the damages that may incur during the transition or installation of the crystallised chandeliers.

The Design and Development

The designer chandelier manufacturers have a strong relationship with their suppliers and arrange to supply custom made chandeliers to their home. The talented designer team have the appropriate experience and knowledge in every aspect as in technical, distribution and supply areas.

The clients are supplied with the products of the highest standards in the market. The client’s options are to purchase locally from a showroom or even buy online and have the crystallised chandelier delivered at their doorstep Australia wide.

The showrooms boast of large display of chandeliers that the clients can choose from or select from the online collection at the click of a button.

Features of a Crystal Chandelier

The crystal chandelier has six or eight light options. They have crystal prisms that rest inside its chrome, reflecting light in a hundred different ways in your house. Some of them have rounded crystals hanging at the bottom, to reflect the inner light of the chandelier.

The LED chandeliers are also safe to be hanged in bathrooms too. The timeless creations and spectacular small wonders of light are the contemporary masterpieces showcasing classic tradition. They have simple and elegant lines with outstanding colours and decorations, if you are admiring the magnificence of the famous Venetian chandeliers.

Customer Satisfaction

Premium quality crystal chandeliers are available in Australia and abroad by many home decor companies. The range of ceiling lights available in the showrooms are crystal chandeliers, basket chandeliers, pendant chandeliers, flush mount chandeliers, wall sconces, LED bulbs etc.

They offer a lifetime electrical and structural warranty on their products. If the client is ordering within Australia, the delivery costs are also covered by the supplying company. The delivery is made safely to the customer for his complete satisfaction on the product. The stunning crystal chandeliers will prove to be a breathtaking feature in the inner space of your home.

Australia’s Biggest Suppliers

The biggest suppliers of premium collection of crystal chandeliers in Australia supply their products at unbeatable prices. The market leaders offer over hundreds of different styles of products that range from grand crystal chandeliers to table lamps, accommodating the contemporary and traditional high quality lighting.

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