5 Ways To Reduce Paper Waste

Were you aware that 50 percent of corporate waste consists of paper? You’d agree, wouldn’t you?  For a moment, let that sink in. Fifty per cent!)(–half of all waste produced in business–is paper!

The material comprises 25% of landfill waste and 32% of municipal waste. We think plastic is an incredible pollutant, but so is paper.

Today, people are becoming more and more conscious of their choices and their effect on our climate. People adopt a greener lifestyle not only for their own gain but also to protect the natural habitat. With the  lot of wastages hiring a professional office clearance in Leeds services would be so much beneficial.

  1. Use Print Only when Necessary

We’re printing tons and tons of papers we don’t even need. All of us are sitting around with needless papers. So the next time, just before you click on the Print button, take a moment and think, do you really need to print the piece of paper?

With the world going digital you can generate invoices digitally share and keep it in digital lockers that will reduce the use of printers.

  1. Transform To Digital

In this world of Digital Media, make yourself transform into a Digital Savvy. Use digital platforms for storing essential documents. Rather than searching from tons of papers,  it is very easy to save and store all essential documents by making use of the digital lockers. Documents kept electronically can be better secured than a normally locked cupboard.

  1. Reuse Paper

Most people print on one side of the paper and simply throw it away once they no longer need it. Little do we know though is that one side of the paper is still bare, waiting to be used and written on. A fully functional side of the paper can also be used for further printing–or for doodling, sketching, or enumeration of some important points. The purpose–try filling it up if you see white space on a page.

  1. Use Both Sides Of Paper

Print as much as you can double-sided. People will gasp at this thought but believe us, the world will surely thank you for saving paper. This action can be easily selected from your printer settings and Voila! It fulfils your purpose in the battle against paper pollution. Set all of your machines, printers, and other equipment to regular double-sided printing.

  1. Usage Of Recycled Business cards

That would be a very useful tip to take positive action at work. Print your business or visiting cards using recycled tree-free paper. It’s great for the environment and would relay your eco-friendly principles to any recipient instantly. Fair or fair, right?

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