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People used to spend most of their days at the workplace, in vehicles, etc. Some even made plans before and after work, too, like early morning yoga class or dinner at a fancy restaurant after work. To put it simply, people didn’t spend much time in their apartments. But, the coronavirus pandemic changed it all. Now, more and more people spend more time of their day at home, working, exercising, etc. With the changes in lifestyles, the demand for transforming living spaces is spiraling, say the Fort Worth residential interior design experts.

Whether you are planning to give your living space a new look right now or later, see these significant interior design trends for inspiration:

Checks and stripes combination

Combine everyone’s favorite patterns and create a fun, striking look. Mix and match patterns and make the right balance with cool colors. Colors like ocean blue or sage green soften the otherwise loud effect of the checks and stripes combination.

Sculptural furniture

Shapely figures and organic forms carefully placed against neutral backgrounds create a dramatic look. Introducing decorative lights and lamps in the room can enhance the beauty of the sculptural furniture. You can also group the pieces behind glass or a window shelf. The shapes of the furniture draw attention, inviting your eye to dance across space.

Bold primary palette

Using two primary colors against a muted palette, creating an artistic edge is among the most desired trends. If you wish to go with this particular trend, make sure you introduce statement pieces such as big, decorative lamps as the colors make it stand out in the crowd.


Decorating interiors with tropical wall-coverings, lively patterns, dreamy landscapes, silhouettes of inspiring personalities, or anything with maximum escapism is gaining popularity. Murals add texture and depth to any space.

Rustic Vogue: Rattan weave texture and speckled terrazzo pattern

Cane furniture, woven tapestries made of macrame, rattan mattresses, planters, and baskets made of rattan or cane are the best approaches to add texture to your living space. They complement light-colored wood, which is also in vogue.

Terrazzo patterns can be used for flooring or wall cladding. You can combine such patterns with speckled upholstery for the best effect.


This style packs Japanese minimalism and pared-back Scandi-cool. The Japandi trend is popular among the Fort Worth residential interior design experts for its harmonious and minimalistic style, which offers simplicity and a timeless design aesthetic.

Earthy shades and vintage elements

Earthy interior palettes in the spaces adorned with vintage elements have dominated interior designing for the past few years. Earthy, sandy, warmer tones paired with stonewashed linen, earthy jute, canvas, wood, wool, and hemp are among the latest trends. Antique, retro pieces have also been winning hearts with time immemorial, and introducing them in a room with earthy shades is the best way to build a vintage-style scheme.


While you can definitely go ahead with any of these trends to decorate your living space, do not forget to curate your interior identity by adding personal touches. Every piece in your home, design, and the walls’ colors make a statement about your personality. Make sure you choose them wisely.

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