Who Does In-Home Physical Therapy Cater To?

In-home physical therapy seems to be superb for patients who fail to leave their houses because of pain, a recent surgery, or other kinds of accommodations that require getting worked. When the matter zeroes on physical therapy care, then patients should look for more options as more options seem to be better all the time. And this is the reason numerous in-home physical therapists assist patients in various ways.

Getting the best services

Patients opt for in-home therapy at San Antonio as all the physical therapists are exceptional, and they always use cutting-edge techniques along with traditional processes for alleviating pain as well as improving comfort for patients.

Some treatments that patients can avail of are:

  • Joint mobilization
  • Post-operative orthopedic care
  • Augmented ease with some functional transfers
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Furthering range of motions
  • Endurance training
  • Stretching
  • Activities that would improve balance and coordination for lessening falls. 

Various benefits

Hundreds and thousands of older people get in-home physical therapy, and people who suffer from many medical conditions too benefit hugely from in-home physical therapy. Some notable conditions include:

  • Post-surgical recovery, like after a hip or total knee replacement.
  • Stroke rehabilitation.
  • Heart failure.

Following some kind of traumatic event like a fall that resulted in the fracture of bones

Symptom management for some particular health conditions like multiple sclerosis, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease.

At times, in-home physical therapy also assists people who don’t suffer from any medical conditions too. These people wish to avert further health issues by developing strength, augmenting mobility, etc. The physical therapists also perform in-home safety assessments in the form of preventative measures for falls. They optimize mobility besides allowing people to become independent. 

Why does an in-home therapist offer home-based therapies?

The in-home therapists propose home-based therapy for several reasons:

Comfortable surroundings for benefitting care – When patients receive therapy in their homes, the relationship between the clients and home therapists develops fast. It happens as clients seem to be relaxed at home compared to an office setting. Due to this, healing happens pretty fast.

Limitation of transportation – In-home therapists realize that it seems challenging for patients to reach an office to get therapy appointments because of several factors, such as personal crisis, disability, illness, or a shortage of childcare, transportation, or finances.

Choices for Families – At times, office-based therapists propose various kinds of in-home therapy services if some particular skills, such as parenting, are demonstrated. Due to this, the therapists see parenting in action. So, they get insight into relationships that go on in a family. For instance, home-based therapies seem to be beneficial in therapies that cater to children who show disruptive behavior patterns. 


The sessions of in-home physical therapy vary in length based on the unique requirements of patients. Nonetheless, an average session does last between thirty and ninety minutes. If you take in-home therapy at San Antonio, you will get improved care; hence, you will not have the inconvenience or frustration of reaching an outpatient facility. Again, you will not be required to devote your time to a facility waiting room waiting for your turn.

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