Upgrading to Attic Insulation- Points to consider

It is important to have a layer of insulation over the attic to prevent too much heat or cold. With proper pink insulation, your home remains safe from extreme climate. Also, there will be less moisture in the room. Here are the things you can expect while going for upgrading the attic insulation.

What is a properly insulated attic?

It consists of features such as:

1) The room will get fresh air from outside.

2) The roof will not have to face any condensation issue due to the vapor barrier.

3)It should prevent hot air from getting accumulated. If this is not happening, you may have high electricity bills.

Also, during winters, ice dams may develop and damage the roof. It is to be noted that during the upgrade, vents should also be attached.

What all things need to be insulated during the process?

You need to insulate the attic floor if storage is required in the attic. If you have already insulated the attic years back, it may have not become ineffective. Thus, you need to have new insulation over the old one. There should be proper ventilation so that air circulation is proper.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose fiber is mainly used during the insulation of the attic. The material is properly ground and will give an amazing finish. There is no leakage issue in the future and all the gaps are covered properly. It also has high efficiency. However, in many cases, fiberglass is used for the attic which is called pink insulation.

Cellulose fiber insulation does not get affected by air currents passing by the insulation known as wind-wash. If you want to use fiberglass, it can be combined with perforated bags for effective results. It has moisture-resistant properties.

While going for an attic insulation upgrade, you can choose either pink insulation or cellulose. This is because one can go over other types. However, it is better to use perforated bags from preventing gradual degradation or condensation. It also means negligible leakage along with an energy-saving option.

Cost Involved

It will depend upon various factors:

  • Attic Size
  • Insulation material used which is either pink insulation or cellulose
  • How much depth the current insulation has?
  • Treatment required before the insulation

It is found that upgrade in the insulation of attic ranges between $1.5 and $3.50 per foot.

Final Choice

It is not necessary to have the same kind of insulation as the current one. You can use any material depending upon the R-value calculations and your requirements. You can select the insulation which is giving R-Value 49 for cold climate and R-38 for warm ones. Finally, choose the insulation at a low price. If you are having loose-fill insulation you may need blower. It is for spreading the material over the attic. This can be an added expense.

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