The Many Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

If you own a pool in Australia, you probably already know that by law you need to have a barrier around it. This helps to protect against unsupervised access to the pool, in most cases saving young kids lives. It can be something that keeps your family safe and adds elegance to the area. Here is why glass pool fencing is so popular up and down the country.

Great Visibility

One of the main reasons why so many homeowners install pool fencing in Adelaide or any other city in Australia is because it gives you an outstanding view of the pool and anyone near it. If you’ve young kids in your home, you’ll find it hard to locate them every minute of the day. We all have a moment’s lapse in concentration and sometimes our kids wander off. If they go near the pool unsupervised, they won’t be able to access it and you’ll easily be able to locate them with glass fencing.

Impenetrable Barrier

Although most things aren’t impenetrable, glass pool fencing comes close. Unlike other types of fencing, there is nowhere to get a grip if you try to climb over it. It is almost impossible to climb over glass fencing unless you have special powers and call yourself Spiderman. Some types of fencing have footholds which allow young kids to climb over and gain access to the pool, this isn’t the case with quality glass pool fencing products. The glass is flat and lacks any kind of grip, even the most determined little climber will know they’ve met their match after a minute of trying.

Highly Robust

When you think of glass fencing, you probably think of a barrier that can easily be smashed. This is not the case with glass pool fencing. It is specially designed to ensure it provides a super strong barrier for your pool. The tempered glass is heated to extreme points during the manufacturing process, making it incredibly tough. You could drop a pane of glass on a concrete floor and you’d barely see a scratch.

Visually Appealing

While glass fencing offers greater visibility and safety, it also looks incredibly elegant in your property. Some pool barriers take away from their surroundings, but glass fencing adds to it. The sleek lines you get from a frameless glass fence cannot be matched by any other product on the market.

Illusion of Size

Glass fencing makes your pool and the surrounding area look bigger. You can see through it, so it doesn’t make your garden seem more enclosed, it adds to the space. In addition, glass fencing also:

  • Let’s you enjoy your backyard
  • Is a good investment
  • Makes for a wonderful wind breaker

This article has highlighted just some of the many benefits associated with installing a glass fence around your pool. If you are looking for a perimeter fence that is durable, stylish, visible and difficult to climb, nothing comes close to a glass fence. It is important to choose the right product if you are upgrading an existing pool or installing a new model.

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