Most Common Problems That We Face with Air Conditioners

Due to the climatic changes that is happening in all parts of the world, it is very difficult to survive during extreme summer season. Therefore, all of us need to install an air conditioner in our house.

However, an air conditioner will need right maintenance in order to get its proper service and therefore you must be aware about any company that can provide facility of reliable air conditioner repair in Phoenix.

However, before you interact with the repair service professional, it is important that you must be aware about few common problems of air conditioners.

Following are some of the very common problems that you may face with air conditioners.

  • Thermostat

Thermostat is meant for controlling the temperature inside the room. This is the part which is often fiddled by the user to get comfortable temperature setting and as a result is prone to failure most often.

  • Refrigerant leaks

This is another very common problem with most of the air conditioners if they are not regularly maintained. Due to this reason, often the temperature may fluctuate and your AC will not function properly.

  • Drainage

There will be condensed water generation from the air conditioner which needs to be drained out suitably. If the drainage area is not properly maintained then it may get clogged which may even damage your AC.

  • Capacitors

Capacitor is meant for running the motors of the air conditioners. If it ever fails then the motor will not run and compressor will not work effectively.

  • Breakers or fuses

Circuit breakers or fuses are used for the protection of the AC unit. If the air conditioner draws more current then either the fuse may fail or breaker may trip.

  • Compressors

Compressor is one of the most important parts of the air conditioner which is responsible for cooling the temperature of the room.  If it fails then your room will not cool at all.

  • Evaporator coils

These coils are meant for absorbing heat and recirculate the air by using various air ducts. Coils may get corroded hence they need maintenance after every 3 years.

  • Condenser coils

These condenser coils are at outside of compressor and become dirty and should be regularly cleaned with water hose yearly basis.

  • Worn contactor

There are contactors used for compressor which makes electrical connection to start motors and also compressor. Due to arcing often their contact wears out.

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