How to transform a factory with an epoxy floor

It is the responsibility of any factory owner to take care of their employees and the premises where production takes place. Its importance cannot be stressed enough as the health and safety of those on the premises is paramount. It also sends out a message of a business that cares about those attending each day.

Added to this, the confidence in the company by visiting clients needs to be upheld. The last thing any going concern requires is a negative persona. It needs to look professional and on top of their game. Once way to achieve this is by applying Adflex Protective Coatings such as an epoxy floor in the factory for several great reasons.

  • The last thing any owner wants is a factory that looks unkempt, with poor damaged surfaces that could lead to potential accidents, employee hours being lost and possible litigation from injuries. A smooth epoxy floor eradicates such risks.
  • The finance department will be delighted with the decision as they have peace of mind that it will prove cost effective, both in terms of requiring little maintenance and having proven longevity. It will also be laid in the minimum of time, meaning very little disruption to any production pattern and disappointed clients, as it can be laid on top of an existing surface.
  • Cleaning is easy, with conventional materials being used, while dust and debris are easily swept away. Any spillages can be mopped up easily, with no danger of seepage as the surface is sealed. It is resistant to extreme heat and can handle any heavy machinery, ideal in a busy, heavily used environment where vehicles are used.
  • It will look good, meaning employees and clients will feel good in their improved surroundings. It comes in various colours, which is ideal when marking out easy to follow aisles and different areas where different functions take place. The reflective nature of epoxy flooring offers the illusion of enhancing the size of an area, which adds to the feel good factor.
  • It is possible to select a bespoke look to your floor, which could match the branding and marketing of a company and offer a unique feature for visiting reps who will recognise an innovative business.

The installation of a new epoxy floor is a cost-effective solution to upgrading any factory. It will purvey a company that cares about its perception among customers and the health and safety of their employees.

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